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Tear-jerking EMOTIONAL Blind Auditions on The Voice | Top 10

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  21 dzień temu +50

    Which Blind Audition had you in tears?

    • Lean Carreon
      Lean Carreon 2 dni temu

      Never let me go! THE VOICE AUS2022 (Melanie, the first one)

    • ThePuotka
      ThePuotka 13 dni temu +1

      Maria Petra Brandal and Jorgen Dahl Moe ❤

    • PK Knight
      PK Knight 17 dni temu +2

      The Judge from Norway 🇳🇴 that tears up from the songs! He really makes you feel them!

    • Justme
      Justme 18 dni temu +1

      Jérémie Makiese.

    • Sammy Jo
      Sammy Jo 19 dni temu +1

      Dancing in The Dark! I've come back so many times just to hear Jorgen sing.

  • JUB38
    JUB38 5 dni temu +5

    I've great respect for Mel....loosing her father only some weeks ago and singing this emotionel song is heavy...!!!

  • Jennifer Bayes
    Jennifer Bayes 15 dni temu +34

    Maria's audition is hard to beat for me. She wrote that song!!! And she sings it with such emotion!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Love her!!! ❤

    • Jennifer Bayes
      Jennifer Bayes Dzień temu

      @Gbokoyi Omotayo No. The one on the Voice Norway. Maria Petra Brandal I believe. She's singing "Lonely". 😊

    • Gbokoyi Omotayo
      Gbokoyi Omotayo Dzień temu +1

      Is that the Spanish girl

  • Tian Sansiro
    Tian Sansiro 21 dzień temu +218

    Dancing In The Dark by Jorgen Dahl..such unique cover song..completely I love his voice and how he sing it..pure, soft and strong in the same time...you go men...

    • Clifford Ugochukwu
      Clifford Ugochukwu 3 dni temu

      It was a touchdown first time I felt

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor 14 dni temu +1

      this audition is mind-blowing

    • Fore#5sWnG
      Fore#5sWnG 18 dni temu

      Jørgen & Maria Petra were & still are my fave ones! What a talent 🥰 Way to go Norway!

    • bobcat bigpaws
      bobcat bigpaws 19 dni temu +1

      Love this song and the singer is amazing.

    • Jaded Kate
      Jaded Kate 20 dni temu +1

      @313Girl yes me too. not a fan of Bruce but this was the first time I actually liked this song. amazing.

  • adam18488
    adam18488 21 dzień temu +105

    Wonderful selection, Norway is absolutely 🔥. We all need more Matoma in our lives

    • Myrano
      Myrano 4 dni temu +1

      Yeah! Matoma has become an Idol for me. He doesn't care if he is about to cry, He lets it out everytime. And it's wonderful to see.

  • eco2geek
    eco2geek 21 dzień temu +103

    That's a really nice original song by Maria Petra Brandal. All in all, this is a very good compilation full of of emotion.

    • Romina Paredes
      Romina Paredes 20 dni temu +6

      Fun fact: Maria Petra said in an interview that she signed up because her producer said there was an opportunity, so she did it even though she wasn't comfortable with it. She wanted to do more than writing poems, so she turned them into songs. Around two years ago, she was gonna have a meeting with her producer, but she had nothing. He just told her to write what she was thinking of and so she did. She wrote her original song, Lonely, that evening. And she actually didn't want to sing her song in the blind auditions because she thought it wasn't good enough. She was going to sing a cover. But I'm so glad she sang her song 🤩

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 21 dzień temu +111

    Jérémie Makiese…THAT was a STUNNING version of Jealous! Thank you.

    • Trina Edwards
      Trina Edwards 12 dni temu

      Yesss! I love it!!🤗🥰

    • Ana Milena Mejia Duque
      Ana Milena Mejia Duque 12 dni temu

      No entiendo muy bien el inglés pero si me acuerdo de ese nombre yo me vi el video de esa audición de este joven Jeremie" y fue mucho más emotivo llore muchísimo hizo llorar a Simon se la dedicaba a su mejor amigo " siente celos que es feliz sin el"

    • Jaded Kate
      Jaded Kate 20 dni temu +3

      he's our country's representative for this year's ESC.

    • Rosie Red
      Rosie Red 21 dzień temu +7

      From the first note, this song grabs me every time. He did a fabulous job.

  • Hueman Experience
    Hueman Experience 21 dzień temu +63

    Loved them all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    However, the twist on Dancing in the Dark, gives more meaning to those words than Bruce Springsteen did.
    Seriously.....the young man is a true artist.

  • Fia Van Wyk
    Fia Van Wyk 21 dzień temu +57

    I love Norway’s talent

  • Rick Rickard
    Rick Rickard 20 dni temu +20

    Maria Petra Branda- No tears- but damn, what a great voice. Unique- and while not filled with runs all over the place, (which, in my opinion, are far too over-used- like falsetto), but her voice GRABS you, and holds you, in a really good way.
    Claudia Pahl did the very same thing? But she's in need of a good coach to help her accentuation/breathing work, imo. Her voice is there- it's just a matter of teaching some fairly simple muscle memory techniques that, once in place? Is going to make that song EXTREMELY powerful for her.
    Just one man's opinion.

  • João Bispo dos Reis
    João Bispo dos Reis Dzień temu

    Quanta emoção 🥰

  • taeliah01
    taeliah01 19 dni temu +14

    Wow! Jorgen (the last singer) easily hit this out of the park. I've never even considered that song could be done this way. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Timothy Holliman
    Timothy Holliman 20 dni temu +17

    I was completely entranced by Jeremies performance. The pain and passion behind his voice. Perfetto, signore! 👏👏👏

  • Romualdo Dawang
    Romualdo Dawang Dzień temu +1

    I love the song choices of the contestants in Norway.

  • Jennifer Bayes
    Jennifer Bayes 15 dni temu +20

    BUT Jorgen Dahl Moe doing "Dancing in the Dark" is my all time favorite blind audition!!! His voice, delivery, everything is just flawless!!! ❤❤❤

  • Queen Clemgh
    Queen Clemgh 21 dzień temu +28

    The guy who performed "Jealous" He made me felt so emotional 💔💔

    • Raquel F.
      Raquel F. 11 dni temu

      He made very emotional as well.

  • Brett
    Brett 17 dni temu +6

    The two from Norway the girl with the original song and last guy are my favorites they are awesome

  • Elisabeth Baker
    Elisabeth Baker 21 dzień temu +37

    Jorgen Dohl! What an incredible rendition of Dancing in the Dark! Ryleigh. I love her. I even follow her on Twitter.

    • Moonbeam Tipi
      Moonbeam Tipi 19 dni temu +1

      Him. Yes, he is amazing and brilliant and such a beautiful voice. I wish the jugdes didn`t send him home. He should have stayed. The ones back on Espen`s team now is also wrong. He shouldn`t sent home the special girl with the awsome voice and let the Italian girl stay.

    TRITANT 20 dni temu +14


  • 40enisa
    40enisa 20 dni temu +14

    The guy who" is dancing in the dark" is like an alien❤️an extraordinary talent, so effortlessly smooth ,Hi from Croatia

  • Rick Rickard
    Rick Rickard 20 dni temu +6

    Melanie Cowmeadow May make my top 5, I heard some extremely good vocals- but it'll be tough. I have one spot left- and there's a few concerns, those emotions were the most likely cause of. It's close.

  • wanji14
    wanji14 20 dni temu +7

    Norway singers are WOW

  • Vallor
    Vallor 20 dni temu +8

    My tears are more when the judges turn and give the well deserved recognition of the amazing people pouring out their hearts and talent. Not to mention compressing all that heart and talent into a 3 minute time box. I wish I was half as talented at anything as these folks. If I had to pick one I really liked the 1st singer's performance of Florance + the Machine but the singer who took on Demi Leavto's "Anybody" is a very, very close 2nd.

  • bobcat bigpaws
    bobcat bigpaws 3 dni temu

    No way could I pick one from these auditions. They all were just great and had great song choices.🤗🥰

  • DreamingofFall
    DreamingofFall 18 dni temu +7

    That last guy was phenomenal

  • Paula Cardoso
    Paula Cardoso 15 dni temu +2

    São todos incríveis! 😍👏👏👏👏

  • Albertus Miranda
    Albertus Miranda 19 dni temu +6

    The last one was pure talent 👏

  • Miguel Acosta
    Miguel Acosta 21 dzień temu +17

    Jørgen Dahl Moe sings “Dancing In The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen (Norway, 2022) El mejor

  • angiebby1122
    angiebby1122 21 dzień temu +8

    Wow! Lau Abend was amazing! Her voice had rasp, her high notes had so much emotion, I'm sold! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cema Rodrigues
    Cema Rodrigues 21 dzień temu +4

    Amo estas vozes muito melhor que muita coisa

  • Stephanie Duru
    Stephanie Duru 18 dni temu +2

    I was in so much awe at how good her original song was. Wow!!!!!! Loved every bit of it!!!!

  • PK Knight
    PK Knight 17 dni temu +9

    Who’s the crier from Norway? I just love watching to see him react in such a heartfelt way to the singers?

  • Inspired With Ruth
    Inspired With Ruth 20 dni temu +9

    Maria petra and the last guy really hits me into tears..

  • Raquel F.
    Raquel F. 11 dni temu +1

    What a powerful voice Solange has and she felt every word.

  • MIke Todd
    MIke Todd 21 dzień temu +16

    All of these are truly Stellar… All of them… So talented and beautiful….

  • Mauricea Antero
    Mauricea Antero 10 dni temu +5

    Amo demais este jurado que não sei o nome porém ele sente a música a melodia e deixa tocar o coração dele e deixa que a mesma o leve às lágrimas. Parabéns pela sensibilidade. Vc é um ser humano incrível. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Rebwar Amini
    Rebwar Amini 21 dzień temu +2

    Some of the most emotional auditions all in one place gathered to make you dive in deep into your thoughts.

  • Latino Music
    Latino Music 14 dni temu +2

    I love seeing episodes from Africa, always something special to learn about their many cultures..

  • Алиса
    Алиса 21 dzień temu +10

    That's really so emotional blind auditions!!! So beautiful, so special and so unique people!!!❤💖💗

  • Braindead Enthusiast
    Braindead Enthusiast 19 dni temu +5

    Demi Lovato's Anyone hits a different type of feels 💔

  • Jessi Vischer
    Jessi Vischer 19 dni temu +3

    The best version of "You Broke Me First", ever.

  • Verun Pacakova
    Verun Pacakova 13 dni temu +1

    Pokaždé, když vidím Matoma reakci(nejen) v slzách, mám pocit, že tento člověk cítí hudbu jinak, než ostatní porodci napříč světem.. Jím ta hudba prostě doslova prostupuje a on ji nechá se sebou dělat to, co hudba dělat má... Hladí, mrazí, objímá, dojímá, miluje a posiluje ❤️ The voice of Norway its absolutely great! So many beautiful voices... Love it🙏🍀❤️

  • Patrick G.
    Patrick G. 21 dzień temu +15

    Claudia singing Amazing Grace gave me chills.

    • bobcat bigpaws
      bobcat bigpaws 3 dni temu

      @bellabana I thought it was amazing and beautiful.

    • bellabana
      bellabana 20 dni temu

      I actually thought it was very average compared to many other singers who’ve sung such a famous song, nothing special in fact.

  • Жаклин Николова
    Жаклин Николова 21 dzień temu +17

    I couldn't stop crying! So so beautiful and heart touching!

  • Mikki Forrester
    Mikki Forrester 21 dzień temu +11

    You're killing me Matoma. You cry, I cry. ❤

  • African Sun Productions
    African Sun Productions 20 dni temu +1

    Amazing compilation, one of the best I've seen in a very long time.

  • Dinaida Figaroa
    Dinaida Figaroa 12 dni temu +2

    I felt in love with that emotional Norway judge Matoma😍😍😍

  • oldsoul
    oldsoul 10 dni temu +1

    Melanie, Melanie, Melanie,..... I felt it through and through.

  • Bokz Dan tv
    Bokz Dan tv 21 dzień temu +9

    Amazing grace I love her voice

  • leonardo iglesias
    leonardo iglesias 20 dni temu +1

    Looking up from underneath
    Fractured moonlight on the sea
    Reflections still look the same to me
    As before I went under
    And it's peaceful in the deep
    'Cause either way you cannot breathe
    No need to pray, no need to speak
    Now I am under
    Oh, and it's breaking over me
    A thousand miles out to the sea bed
    Found the place to rest my head
    (Never let me go, never let me go
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    And the arms of the ocean are carrying me
    And all this devotion was rushing over me
    And the questions I have for a sinner like me
    But the arms of the ocean deliver me
    Though the pressure's hard to take
    It's the only way I can escape
    It seems a heavy choice to make
    But now I am under, oh
    And it's breaking over me
    A thousand miles down to the sea bed
    I found the place to rest my head
    (Never let me go, never let me go
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    And the arms of the ocean are carrying me
    (So cold and so sweet)
    And all this devotion was rushing out of me
    And the questions I have for a sinner like me
    But the arms of the ocean deliver me
    And it's over and I'm going under
    But I'm not giving up
    I'm just giving in
    Oh, slipping underneath
    So cold and so sweet
    In the arms of the ocean, so sweet and so cold
    And all this devotion, well, I never knew at all
    And the questions I have for a sinner released
    In the arms of the ocean deliver me
    (Never let me go, never let me go
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    Deliver me
    (Never let me go, never let me go
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    Deliver me
    (Never let me go, never let me go)
    Never let me go, never let me go)
    Deliver me
    Never let me go, never let me go
    And it's over
    I'm going under
    But I'm not giving up
    I'm just giving in
    Ah, slipping underneath
    Wooh, so cold, but so sweet
    Traduzir para o português

  • caitlin oreilly
    caitlin oreilly 15 dni temu +1

    All really incredible voices .I am a fan all ready.

  • Steve Haile
    Steve Haile 18 dni temu +1

    The 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, I thought were all really really good! The first one had me in tears after hearing she had loss her dad!

  • Mauricea Antero
    Mauricea Antero 10 dni temu +1

    Gostaria muito de conhecer vc pessoalmente vc de casaco azul totalmente azul. Vc é um ser humano incrível. Vc sente a música num todo e deixa a sua emoção fluir naturalmente. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️❤️

  • Rodrigue Marco
    Rodrigue Marco 21 dzień temu +16

    I like the guy that sings dancing in the dark was amazing and he's so special and have a unique voice

  • Lori Mendenhall
    Lori Mendenhall 17 dni temu +6

    The only one that brought me to tears was the first song. And it's probably because I can relate to her loosing her father this year and Iost my brother last month. So she really tugged at my heart strings with that song especially since the song was on Vampire Diaries which was one of my brothers favorite shows!
    But Jorgen with Dancing In The Dark and Lonely by Maria were also really good they just didn't make me tear up at all.

    • Lori Mendenhall
      Lori Mendenhall 7 dni temu

      @Raquel F. Thank you so very much!😢

    • Raquel F.
      Raquel F. 11 dni temu

      I love that show as well. Sorry to hear about your brother. May he rest in peace.

  • Maths Ki Naiya
    Maths Ki Naiya 21 dzień temu +8

    Netherland talents are making me addicted to theshow..😃😃😃😃

    JOSÉ BÁEZ 4 dni temu

    Jelous and dancing in the dark, fantastic performance

  • joeparty1
    joeparty1 20 dni temu +2

    I don't understand Spanish but 14:50 made me feel like I was flying in the sky which full of stars.

  • GlennMorganFan
    GlennMorganFan 21 dzień temu +8

    These weren't all very tear jerking. Most were just nice.
    I do like when the coaches see they're emotional and come up and hug the people.

    • H. Mercy
      H. Mercy 21 dzień temu +1

      I totally agree!

  • mohninti
    mohninti 18 dni temu +4

    Norway all the way
    Love from Canada💛

  • Jeannie Campbell
    Jeannie Campbell 21 dzień temu +6

    I so wish i could sing ...I better stick with the writing ..some kind of expression is better than nothing ..lovely to watch !

  • Raquel F.
    Raquel F. 11 dni temu

    The cover of Jealous was beautiful.

  • Anna Fox
    Anna Fox Miesiąc temu +8

    Спасибо, очень душевно. Последний сразил моё сердце❤

  • 1WingedAngel
    1WingedAngel 10 dni temu

    Wow all of them were amazing and the judges too felt that.

  • Maria Zilma
    Maria Zilma 21 dzień temu +1

    Candidatos Incríveis 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽
    Artistas Simplesmente Luminosos e Super Talentosos 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽👏🏼👏🏽✨✨✨✨✨🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • saoirse.
    saoirse. 20 dni temu +1

    this is such a good compilation

  • Cathy McGlasson
    Cathy McGlasson 20 dni temu +2

    Loved the last 2 singers

  • Richard A
    Richard A 20 dni temu

    Wow ! Que de voix et de contrôle !

  • K G
    K G 21 dzień temu +2

    So stunning beautiful voice 😍

  • romer simonovis
    romer simonovis 20 dni temu +2

    Maria Petra broke my heart 😢

  • Jose Jo
    Jose Jo 21 dzień temu +3

    Anyone by Demi Lovato is so emotional !!

  • Timo
    Timo 11 dni temu +1

    Norway 😭😭😭😭 yu can feel the Emotion amazing 🙏

  • Henry Dominguez
    Henry Dominguez 17 dni temu

    A new ⭐ is born, her voice is exceptional

  • Vicki Sotomayor Leroy
    Vicki Sotomayor Leroy 21 dzień temu +4

    Matoma❤️ Just love that original Song!

  • Antoinette Fisher
    Antoinette Fisher 21 dzień temu +1

    Angelic voice. Truely

  • Alena Orović
    Alena Orović 20 dni temu

    Beautiful! ❤

  • Jody Templeton-Jackson
    Jody Templeton-Jackson 21 dzień temu +2

    What a voice

  • Granpa OCE
    Granpa OCE 21 dzień temu +21

    Maria Petra Brandal wow!!!! i needed to hear this and had no idea ............. ty

  • Hope Matshego
    Hope Matshego 21 dzień temu +2

    This is amazing!

  • Uwe
    Uwe 21 dzień temu +5

    Lonely, incredible !!!

  • Nicolas Chophi
    Nicolas Chophi 21 dzień temu +2

    If you can cry and show sadness on these competitions then there's a high chance you might win the series.

  • GRY L
    GRY L 19 dni temu

    Loved them all

  • cicero assis
    cicero assis 17 dni temu

    Esses calouros tem a voz muito afinadas e cantam músicas lindas, mas infelizmente a maior parte deles não compererão músicas de qualidade, somente porcarias porque infelizmente eles não tem competência de compor e nem comprar composição boa, infelizmente a safra de bons cantores e compositores acabaram, hoje temos o REP e o FANK que é um lixo.

  • C darby
    C darby 14 dni temu

    4:05 really touched

  • Marissa Maxwell
    Marissa Maxwell 14 dni temu +1

    Maria was awesome with an original song

  • Joey Martinez
    Joey Martinez 13 dni temu

    Oh la despedida was amazing!!!

  • isuru dushan
    isuru dushan 21 dzień temu

    Amazing ❤️🎶🎶

  • Kakooza Martie
    Kakooza Martie 12 dni temu

    You Broke Me First ,damnnn gal that was good ,If it was me I would have had all chairs turning at the 1st note

  • FilipPham
    FilipPham 21 dzień temu +5

    You should make a compilation of Matoma, he’s crying every show😂

  • Anthony Severino
    Anthony Severino 21 dzień temu

    Amazing grace, wow

  • Line S. Leite
    Line S. Leite 21 dzień temu +1

    Adorei todos 💖

  • Dzordzikk
    Dzordzikk 9 dni temu

    Latest one was extraordinary.

  • A
    A 21 dzień temu +2

    You are so beautiful and good at singing

  • heidi smith
    heidi smith 21 dzień temu +2

    Good job 👏

  • misslady 00
    misslady 00 18 dni temu

    Jealous of your beautiful voice. 👍🔥🎶🔥👍🔥🎶❤️

  • giannis iordanidis
    giannis iordanidis 20 dni temu +1

    Jeremie Makiese
    Eurovision 2022

  • y m o e u s
    y m o e u s 21 dzień temu +8

    That first girl is so prettyy

  • UnTwisted Truth
    UnTwisted Truth 21 dzień temu

    Makiese: WOW!

  • padre santos
    padre santos 14 dni temu

    Gente que tipo de droga é essa que vicia tanto quanto mais assisto mais quero assistir amo muito tudo isso

  • Ritta Germanica
    Ritta Germanica 13 dni temu

    она не норвежка - она русская. 100%.... )))))