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TOP 10 | Stunning HIGH NOTES in The Voice that are out of this world! #1

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  • Opublikowany 14 cze 2019
  • These Talents are real powerhouses! They blew away The Voice coaches with their ceiling-shattering performances!
    Watch part 2: plclip.com/video/bKp-ZK2GuH8/wideo.html
    Which one gave you the chills? Let us know in the comments.
    🚨 This video features the following performances:
    1. Bella Paige sings “Praying” by Kesha
    2. Kimberly Fransens sings “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion
    3. Brooke Simpson sings “Stone Cold” by Demi Levato
    4. Mia Staurset Finjarn sings “Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber
    5. Enrika Derza sings “Listen” by Beyonce
    6. Novia Noval Bachmid sings “Titanium” by David Guetta ft. Sia
    7. Jimmy Balito sings “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood
    8. Márcia Trabuco sings “Never Enough” by Loren Allred
    9. Burcell Taka sings “This Woman's Work” by Maxwell
    10. Rizzi Myers sings “Breathin” by Ariana Grande
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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  2 lat temu +1

    Watch part 2:

  • Jean
    Jean 2 lat temu +15

    The “Stone cold” didn’t just sing. She surrendered her body the song. She lived it

  • JennyApostolos
    JennyApostolos Rok temu +4

    I feel like judges never turn around for opera singers. It's so annoying. They are really good!

  • M Salazar
    M Salazar Rok temu +6

    Phantom girl was incredible. The judges just couldn’t figure out how to turn that voice into a POP or ROCK voice. Says more about the judges than about the singer.

  • Sahar Alhafidh
    Sahar Alhafidh Rok temu +14

    So guys I made an explanation hope you appreciate it because it took me more then 25 minutes!

  • Harry Lago
    Harry Lago Rok temu +2

    I’m loving the lady who sang the legendary song by Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On”. She owns the stage with her top caliber vocal skills.

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    How the hell did nobody push their buttons for the girl that sang phantom of the opera?? She was amazing!

  • Bee Stevens
    Bee Stevens 2 lat temu +10

    Stone cold is such a hard song to sing she absolutely nailed it.

  • Oscar McCoy
    Oscar McCoy Rok temu +4

    The girl singing stone cold. THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL A PERFORMANCE

  • Killber Amazuki
    Killber Amazuki Rok temu +5

    I highly understand the coaches for not turning at almost every opera singers, they have better trainings, technique and range that most coaches doesn't know what to do anymore.

  • naisaShip
    naisaShip Rok temu +10

    when Jennifer throws her shoe you know you're good

  • Sierra x
    Sierra x Rok temu +1

    It’s even more impressive when you realize that English is most likely not some of these people’s first language. They can sing + sing in another language..? Talent.

  • Wendys
    Wendys Rok temu +156

    The singer who did “Titanium” gave me chills, it was like ASMR for my body lol

  • Thalia !
    Thalia ! 2 lat temu +4

    The woman who sang stone cold didn’t just sing. She SLAYED.

  • Because Ican
    Because Ican Rok temu +720

    Girl who sang “stone cold” really gave me goosebumps.

  • Lea Redoble

    The Titanium girl is powerful!😭🔥

  • Ivy
    Ivy  +146

    Why did nobody turn for the girl who sang "phantom of the opera"?! She has one of the clearest voices I've ever heard

  • lasila sinali
    lasila sinali Rok temu +204


  • Jane
    Jane Rok temu +452

    The girl who sang stone cold is so clean and clear oh my god

  • audrey deweese
    audrey deweese 2 lat temu +24

    people make fun of opera but people really don’t realize how hard it is.