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MOST REMARKABLE talent in The Voice ever: a NUN!

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  • Opublikowany 1 maj 2019
  • In 2014 Sister Cristina shocked the coaches and the whole world with her appearance in The Voice. Check out her incredible ROAD TO in 2014 now.
    We included her individual performances without any double songs. 😉
    🚨 Songs in this video:
    1. Blind Audition: “"No One" by Alicia Keys
    2. Battle: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper, battled with Luna Palumbo
    3. Knock-Outs: "Hero" by Mariah Carey
    4. Live Show: "Flashdance... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara.
    5. Live Show: "Uno su mille" by Gianni Morandi
    6. Live Show: "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
    7. Semi Final: "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
    8. Final: "Beautiful That Way" by Achinoam Nini
    9. Final: "Lungo la riva”, written by the Italian singer-songwriter Neffa, this was her first single.
    🚨 Journey info:
    Cristina Scuccia, also known as Sister/Suor Cristina, was the winner of The Voice Italy 2014.
    🚨 Social Channels of Cristina:
    IG: @sistercristinaofficial
    FB: /sistercristinaofficial
    🚨 Series info:
    In the we combine all performances of one amazing talent in The Voice together. From The Blind Auditions till the Grand Final. Enjoy!
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Komentarze • 9 724

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner 2 lat temu +3558

    Pure talent, pure joy, no fake hair nails or makeup just her

    • poot prancia
      poot prancia 3 miesięcy temu

      Those who live a truly religious and spiritual life do not have insecurities. They may have only too little. Even the thing that most insecures secular people matters little to them. That is the benefits of getting close to God. We can live with freedom with total self-denial, not caring for the judgement of the world.

    • Verena Kelly
      Verena Kelly 7 miesięcy temu

      Of course no fake hair. She are not allowed to show her hair

    • Milton H
      Milton H 10 miesięcy temu +1


    • Corona Coviina
      Corona Coviina Rok temu

      I totally agree that's you call talent.

    • SisLuds. Com
      SisLuds. Com Rok temu

      100% agree!

  • Jetzael Moya
    Jetzael Moya Rok temu +1702

    Can't stop laughing watching the sisters cheering and jumping all over the video! Pure joy here 😂

    • Josephine Toledo21
      Josephine Toledo21 6 miesięcy temu

      Enjoying 💖

    • Saida Pardede
      Saida Pardede 7 miesięcy temu

      @Michael Wargo
      Zustet ini salah jurusan,talentanya menyanyi,jdlah zustet menyai memuji Tuhan utk kemuliaan dan hormat bagi mama Tuhan.

    • Osmond Fernandes
      Osmond Fernandes 8 miesięcy temu +1

      Although shez really into music🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    • Leona
      Leona 8 miesięcy temu +3

      Yes, they're just like any of us enjoying the show, is it's thier dress.... Human feelings🥳❤🤧😄

    • Neelam Kiran
      Neelam Kiran 10 miesięcy temu +4

      Every time I see her ...I get goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️and really enjoy jumping and cheering nuns

  • Our Pod Blog
    Our Pod Blog Rok temu +321

    It's 2021 and I can't stop watching Sis. Cristina performances... I don't know why everytime I watch this it made me cry... She's using her voice to send the message of the Lord... She sings using her heart to inspire people... God Bless you Sis. Cris ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

    • David Hahm sr.
      David Hahm sr. 12 dni temu

      Catholics spread the word of god, not just his son. Just an opinion, of what I was taught growing up, but to be honest I don't believe in a higher being but will fight for their choice to.

    • Mussa Mbossa
      Mussa Mbossa Miesiąc temu

      Even me Im watching now

    • Prometheus
      Prometheus 8 miesięcy temu

      naw its just f**king funny.

    • Ahmie G
      Ahmie G Rok temu +7

      Same here, first time to watch her though, but she truly touched & moved me. Teary eyed whike watching.

  • Gersonito Vieira
    Gersonito Vieira Rok temu +373

    This is one more example that talent has to be respected independent of faith or belief. Cheers! Lots of respect from Brazil.

  • Ashley T
    Ashley T Rok temu +118

    Six years later and I’m still watching. That judge did a great job in mixing up all her song choices to give her a variety of fast, slow, serious and fun. Happy that she won!

  • Katarina
    Katarina Rok temu +118

    I love how excited the other nuns are cheering for her and how emotional her coach is at every of her performances :)

  • Cathy S
    Cathy S Rok temu +28

    She's only 25 yet she made a life-long commitment to serve people. Huge respect.

    • Tony Haynes
      Tony Haynes Rok temu

      Pilots in the RAF sign on from 18. Four years hard work, with the possibility of your dreams taken away from you at any stage. Even on graduating to a front line squadron, every six months, you get a 'check ride'. Fail it, and you get the chop. These guys sign on for a minimum of twelve years, and are normally serving for thirty plus years. Different job. Different dream and beliefs. Same dedication to serve.

  • Joshua Ero
    Joshua Ero Rok temu +177

    She made me wear big smile while watching. She's amazing.
    I am a laity in Roman Catholic Church here in Philippines and I also love singing. I am inspired about her song choices and how she interpret those. ❤️

    • poot prancia
      poot prancia 3 miesięcy temu

      Strange fellow layman from Philippines. I just got here, because I remember that the Priest mentioned a Nun taking the Voice audition durin mass. I was happy to hear it, so I got here and see how she is like.

  • Meth Productions - Original Jewish Music And Videos

    Who cares if she's a nun? She has a great voice regardless!

    • cj
      cj Miesiąc temu

      We cares ! that's why she is here
      If she comes under some disloyal Qur'an she wouldn't be here
      That's the greatfullness of Christianity

    • kelly 'x
      kelly 'x 8 miesięcy temu +3

      But be honest..that's probably the reason she beat the others... Not complaining. She has an amazing voice!

    • MsSparklesNGlitter
      MsSparklesNGlitter Rok temu +6

      The fact she is a nun is what makes this so memorable. Who at 25 now becomes a nun ? She has clearly a vocation to serve God plus she sings like a superstar.

    • Nida Cristina
      Nida Cristina Rok temu +2

      yes she is

    • Yazan Hijazin
      Yazan Hijazin Rok temu +8

      I care, I love the fact that she is a nun serving our lord Jesus, and her life is full of worship, dedication and kindness, she has a great voice too , I love God and everything she represents

  • Mari Metr
    Mari Metr 2 lat temu +2264

    I love how the sister cheering her jumping up-and-down from 😂😂😂😂I wish we have more sisters like this the church will be filled with young people

    • Corpus Christi. Fiat Mihi Secundum Verbum
      Corpus Christi. Fiat Mihi Secundum Verbum 8 miesięcy temu

      Young people want tradition. Young people may like things like this but it doesn’t bring them into the church most of the time

    • Dani S
      Dani S Rok temu

      @Lala hillsongs founder got in a bit of trouble in Australia. Google it.

    • Terri B
      Terri B Rok temu

      @Sally Avant Well said! I follow the Singing Priests from my homeland the Philippines and I feel blessed hearing a Sister with a beautiful gift. God’s gift.

    • guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3
      guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3 Rok temu +1

      True genuine love in friends. No bull crap, lying, cheating, jealousy. They r truly happy for her.

    • Willie Harper
      Willie Harper Rok temu


  • kittycasino29
    kittycasino29 Rok temu +143

    I love the coaches reactions and her fellow Sister's dancing and cheering for her is so awesome 😍

  • Van
    Van Rok temu +55

    Finalmente os algoritmos me levando pra algo que realmente vale a pena! Que mulher maravilhosa! ❤️

  • Emily Wiebel
    Emily Wiebel Rok temu +33

    She has an amazing voice and I love just watching how much fun she’s having. I love her dancing bc it’s so innocent and genuine and I like how all her back up dancers are all dressed very respectfully but also fun.

    • Powerranger6342
      Powerranger6342 Rok temu +2

      Probably planned like that. We Catholics often insist on modesty.

  • DeeZ
    DeeZ Rok temu +39

    Can we appreciate her singing living on a prayer? that's just poetic XD

  • Dani S
    Dani S 2 lat temu +3713

    She never had to worry about wardrobe .

    • cj
      cj Miesiąc temu

      We never let her to worry about her wardrobe
      Christianity ❤️

    • Jesneylouise Reed
      Jesneylouise Reed 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Its about the voice. But i actually like the fact that shes just herself and her talent.

    • Dani S
      Dani S 3 miesięcy temu

      @Zerina Ahmed exactly. Nothing artificial. Only real.

    • Zerina Ahmed
      Zerina Ahmed 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Now you love her for who she really is. Impressions are not everything, it's your inner self that matters...

      KATHRYNE JONES Rok temu


  • Tonxs FamilyVlogs
    Tonxs FamilyVlogs Rok temu +131

    She is literally living on a prayer 😂❤️

    • Sidnay Sithole
      Sidnay Sithole 9 miesięcy temu +2

      Just thought of BON JOVI..🤣🤣🤣.. "living on a prayer"

  • Rogério Barnabe
    Rogério Barnabe 9 miesięcy temu +19

    Que voz!! que potencial!
    Simplesmente maravilhosa

  • anita cliffe
    anita cliffe Rok temu +65

    The best 20 minutes of the voice ever for me x She really has lifted my spirits ❤️❤️❤️

  • K Med
    K Med Rok temu +567

    I don’t remember the nuns at school being cool like her !

    • Mateo Charles von Pavlović
      Mateo Charles von Pavlović 4 miesięcy temu

      @Stella Maria Foskolou nah its ok. I Just said it.

    • Stella Maria Foskolou
      Stella Maria Foskolou 4 miesięcy temu

      @Mateo Charles von Pavlović I m sorry. It was my mistake

    • Mateo Charles von Pavlović
      Mateo Charles von Pavlović 4 miesięcy temu

      @Stella Maria Foskolou sorry she isnt a nun But a sister

      AVRIL ESTHER OFFICIAL 8 miesięcy temu +1

      Me neither😂😂😂

    • Ixopo 67
      Ixopo 67 Rok temu +1

      @Valentina Zanon There was a fine musical tradition at the convent I went to in South Africa, but more importantly I think some of the nuns were going to spend a lot of time in purgatory. 😊😊

  • Apyang Rebuyas
    Apyang Rebuyas 2 lat temu +990

    She is enjoying so much what she's doing and it's so refreshing to watch it, not to mention what a great talent she has.

  • Jacqueline Shopbell
    Jacqueline Shopbell Rok temu +46

    Love her version of Living on a Prayer, it could have been so easy to lose her voice in the instrumental but she showed amazing vocal strength.

  • Rosie McNaughton
    Rosie McNaughton Rok temu +36

    I love this lady! What a talent! Love the enthusiasm of her sister friends.

  • Klara Mak
    Klara Mak Rok temu +15

    Wonderful performances! She’s amazing and I really like her voice. Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱. 💖💖💖

  • Sarwat Jahan
    Sarwat Jahan Rok temu +88

    She has gave us a message that
    Well done 🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍

    SENKUNGU JEREMIAH 2 lat temu +1521

    I have never felt so much positive energy coming off of one person.

    • Joanna Deacon
      Joanna Deacon 9 miesięcy temu +5

      That is The Holy Spirit in her!

    • nabayinda juliet
      nabayinda juliet 9 miesięcy temu +5

      I love how she's not afraid of competition. She's here for fun! Whilst everyone's trying so hard to be picked she's up there, Having Fun, Spreading Joy! That's music. For everything emotion to bounce off you.

    • nabayinda juliet
      nabayinda juliet 9 miesięcy temu

      You must be Ugandan! Hi!

    • Ira Jay Rosen
      Ira Jay Rosen 2 lat temu +1

      Totally agree

    • Raven Ghostly
      Raven Ghostly 2 lat temu +4

      False statement. You can not feel what you claim threw a TV screen

  • Mark Lutta
    Mark Lutta Rok temu +59

    She really had fun. And I love the way her friends always cheered her up.

  • Nita Lagrito
    Nita Lagrito Rok temu +98

    Very remarkable moment for a nun to sing a pop music for the whole world. Your voice is remarkable as you deliver it to the audience beautifully.

    • tenorlove
      tenorlove Rok temu +1

      There was the Singing Nun in the 1960s.

  • Virginia Chapel Palomares
    Virginia Chapel Palomares 7 miesięcy temu +2

    Hacia tiempo que no sentía este escalofrío escuchando a alguien cantar, con tanto amor y tanta fuerza,los pelos de punta!! Todas, todas las actuaciones maravillosas,!!!que te hacen sonreír y bailar todo el rato, Que grande!!

  • amirul najmi
    amirul najmi Rok temu +160

    im muslim, and im so proud of her awww. shes is the cutest nun that i ever meet, ♥️♥️♥️

    • Nes rine
      Nes rine 5 miesięcy temu +2

      I'm a muslim too . This nun is one of the coolest . She brings joy when she sings and dances . And the other nuns lol it was fun watching them jumping and cheering

    • Kathryn Kaller
      Kathryn Kaller 9 miesięcy temu +1

      Same here from a pagan!

    • Maria Luz
      Maria Luz 10 miesięcy temu +5

      your comment should be picked as a pinned (i hope that´s the right word for the comment meant to be always the first to view) cuz it REALLY and PROUDLY shows how this shows show be views no matter religion, race or gender. I am thankful for your comment in the sense that, you are showing respect for the person and not the religion.
      I am grateful for people like you in this world (sorry for any mistakes, english is not my mother languaje)

    • OdetteML
      OdetteML Rok temu +1

      Much love... im a Catholic... ❤

    • Lina Mascioli
      Lina Mascioli Rok temu +1

      Quando torneremo ad abbracciarci se rendono conto cosa ci hanno tolto dovrebbero alla corte marziale tutti chi ha colpa ma non lho farà nessuno si pensa solo al quadagno vergogna

  • Sue Silva
    Sue Silva 2 lat temu +1290

    Her name is
    Cristina Scuccia 😊
    She is a real Nun!
    She won the 2014 the voice of Italy!
    And yes she still singing 😉

    • Truth teller
      Truth teller 7 miesięcy temu

      All my questions answered 👍🏽 thanks

    • Rosalia Indah
      Rosalia Indah Rok temu +4

      i am catholic, and proud of her. actually we have many nuns who sing very well

    • Michele Bertinazzo
      Michele Bertinazzo Rok temu +3

      Yes I can confirm: she is a real nun and sometimes she sing in my church😊

    • vyvy cycylyn
      vyvy cycylyn Rok temu

      @julieth house of designs yes she is

    • Annette Sponsel
      Annette Sponsel Rok temu +2

      @Z Jm actually nearly all sisters or nuns don't have that in mind since child hood. They discern what God is asking if them and if it be joining a convent then they choose to say yes! Most of the time when they are in college or already graduated do they decide to. Also they do get married. They married Jesus, they are a bride of christ!

  • InfoForU
    InfoForU Rok temu +373

    Salute from my country, Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

    • chr dema
      chr dema 8 miesięcy temu

      @jaden_hossler you do realize about 30 million are Christian right? Still big

    • Kepok Lekor
      Kepok Lekor Rok temu

      nak claim jugak ket

    • efraim syailendra
      efraim syailendra Rok temu

      Anjayyy mantap

    • MO ZAQ
      MO ZAQ Rok temu

      @jaden_hossler yes indonesia is world bigest muslim population but not a islamic state, there are abt 40-50 million christian living here..

    • Daffa rizky elfauzi christiandi
      Daffa rizky elfauzi christiandi Rok temu

      Anjay suater (biarawati) kece.😂😂😂😅

    OLHA ELAAA Rok temu +197


  • Hukague Clan
    Hukague Clan Rok temu +9

    Love her singing voice.
    Blessed by her positive aura.

  • MJean Garcia
    MJean Garcia 7 miesięcy temu +6

    Wow! She's so amazing! A talented nun I've ever known! She's so energetic and her voice is wow! So powerful!

  • sassbrat
    sassbrat Rok temu +30

    Love the faces on the Coaches faces. The song she sang was just perfect for her.

  • user
    user Rok temu +12

    The most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life! This nun is a pure treasure and a musical genius!

    ROXXANA SOSA Rok temu +20

    Angelical, fenomenal, expectacular, y fascinante.

  • romeo klnongbri
    romeo klnongbri 7 miesięcy temu +7

    Tears drop down from my eyes at each and every song you perform. I see the honesty and sincerity of yours, praising the Heavenly Father.

  • Ladyluck Mia
    Ladyluck Mia 2 lat temu +754

    Singing her heart out while enjoying herself, praising God with her extending arms upward. GOD BLESS YOU SISTER...

    • Pamela Randlov
      Pamela Randlov Rok temu

      @1993rufus I HOPE she IS NOT seeking Fame and Fortune.
      THAT would be wrong. Only GOD KNOWS OUR DEEPEST, TRUEST INTENTIONS! Hopefully she is trying to helo others see Religious CAN BE REAL, AND THUS DRAW PPL TO GOD.....
      IF she has other intentions, then I agree, it is NOT GOOD. Just know God KNOWS from where we are coming in the deepest recesses of our soul! AMEN!

    • Brenda Elrod
      Brenda Elrod Rok temu

      cici moore very well said.

    • 1993rufus
      1993rufus 2 lat temu +1

      @cici moore i completely agree sister!!! I am no longer religious, i let go of religion and follow our lord and saviour and his word but do not need a religion for that!!! I understand what you say and you are correct!

    • cici moore
      cici moore 2 lat temu +4

      1993rufus no she’s not, and in her situation I personally wouldn’t do what she’s doing, but remember the verse in the Bible where Jesus said.... “if anyone here be without sin, let them cast the first stone”. Those people in the Bible where basically pointing out this woman’s sin. Maybe she isn’t singing song’s that are for worshipping God, but like I said nobody knows her heart, but God. Just what if she is thinking of God while singing these song’s. You just cannot say for sure. She’s obviously younger than her fellow nun’s or whatever and they’re obviously encouraging her to do what she was doing. You just never know someone’s life, or situation. I’m not a religious person. I don’t claim a religion, but I claim God as my creator. I do not mess with religion for this very reason. I go by what God tells me in my heart, and in His word. If she is wrong in what she is doing, she will have to answer to the creator, but honestly I do not believe He is that hard on a person to expect her to be perfect all the time. Religion makes God sound so strict, and mean. A lot of people are going to be very surprised one day. Js 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • 1993rufus
      1993rufus 2 lat temu +1

      @cici moore its not a physical form of a man she is worshipping, she is seeking fame and fortune using songs that do NOT praise the Lord. No one is judging her, but simply pointing out the facts that one can not be holy by seeking attention from the world, she should focus on spreading the word instead of searching for fame.

  • Merideth Wallace
    Merideth Wallace Rok temu +13

    She is a concert on her own. What an unusual and beautiful voice.

  • Brenda Brooks
    Brenda Brooks 10 miesięcy temu +10

    Pure joy watching all her songs! This reminds me of sister act, such an amazing voice she has, thanks for competing,I enjoyed every song you did!! 💖

  • Kathy St Onge
    Kathy St Onge Rok temu +10

    Love the sister nuns cheering for her and so happy. Missed seeing them in the later shows.

  • Supremo
    Supremo 10 miesięcy temu +12

    I'm smiling but my tears can't stop falling ... This is the greatest performance I've watched that really touched my heart ..

  • Fernanda Vega
    Fernanda Vega 2 lat temu +628

    Que carisma, paz y talento que transmite la monjita. Me encantó.

  • Rachel Blah
    Rachel Blah Rok temu +54

    She is passionate in what she's doing ...wow such a Powerful voice and her joyful personality ❤ pure pure passion doesn't matter who you are.....even Being a nun didn't stop her showing her talent! I love it💯💖she's a rockstar

  • dominic kim
    dominic kim Rok temu +21

    I’m so happy for her! She makes me smile for real when I watch her sing

  • T Lee
    T Lee Miesiąc temu +1

    Besides her voice, the positive energy from her is so sincere, heartwarming and powerful. I wish we have more music like this nowadays...

  • Marcio Salles
    Marcio Salles Rok temu +13

    Maravilhosaaaa 🙏🏻💛🇧🇷

  • Mário Ávila
    Mário Ávila 3 lat temu +1838

    Brasileiro que se encantou com essa irmãzinha💛
    Edit: tô famoso kkk

    • Juli M
      Juli M Rok temu

      @Valdemar Freitas , ela é italiana.

    • Juli M
      Juli M Rok temu +1

      @Marcilio Pinheiro , irmã Cristina/ suor Cristina. Suor seria "suora", sorella.

    • Juli M
      Juli M Rok temu +1

      @Marcilio Pinheiro , caramba! Que legal! Nunca soube que ela esteve aqui.

    • Mário Ávila
      Mário Ávila 2 lat temu

      @rainison lima @marioavilatv face: Mário Ávila

    • Saúde e Paz!!!
      Saúde e Paz!!! 2 lat temu


  • juanita masian
    juanita masian 6 miesięcy temu +2

    Pure and simple. Beautiful voice.
    I am still watching. I loved this person.
    Brava, Sour Cristina!

  • Shura Knight
    Shura Knight Rok temu +15

    She's a remarkable Nun gaves hope to everybody especially young ones , the world was happy to her performance , she is great and admirable.The beautiful voice can spread message to the whole world.

  • nadia castillo bravo

    Evangelizar mediante una hermosa voz, un talento dado por Dios, definitivamente!🥰🙏

    CAROLYN M SCOTTI Rok temu +10

    Showing the world, her God Given Talent. Sister, you are amazing and have a beautiful voice.

  • Lidiane V Mello
    Lidiane V Mello 3 lat temu +257

    A irmã realmente cantou com sua alma!!!!
    Linda voz 🙏🙌🙌🙌 a torcida das outras irmãzinha foi o melhor. 😁😄

    • Cadu
      Cadu 2 lat temu +4

      Kkk foi mesmo

  • Saint Tomm Sananda
    Saint Tomm Sananda Rok temu +1

    Mágica y magistrales sus interpretaciiones de sour Cristina. ,🙏

  • Lagi
    Lagi Rok temu +50

    Oh God was definitely saying,
    "Go on child of mine! SING!!" #RealLife #SisterAct 💖

  • corry vellen
    corry vellen Rok temu +17

    Her performance never failed to amaze me... And it's March 2021😂

  • Paulius Birutis
    Paulius Birutis Rok temu +7

    What an amazing blessing and how refreshing. She rocks

  • Sanisa Waugaman
    Sanisa Waugaman 2 lat temu +412

    We need this type of nuns in our churches to bring more younger crowds to the church. This is the true Sister Act. She is great

    • Jacy Linear
      Jacy Linear Rok temu

      @Nabi FI Philippe Elvino de Dieu you are evil. You call yourself near GOD???

    • Disastah YT
      Disastah YT Rok temu +1

      @Nabi FI Philippe Elvino de Dieu peace be with ya mate

    • Mary Shoemaker
      Mary Shoemaker Rok temu +4

      @Nabi FI Philippe Elvino de Dieu God loves you 💙🤗💙

    • Pricillia Carolina
      Pricillia Carolina Rok temu +13

      @Nabi FI Philippe Elvino de Dieu she is not "bitches", she is human who work for God. But even worker of God need private time and as long as she not doing any sins it's okay i think. Is doing sins by join singing competition? No!

  • Mónica Hernandez A
    Mónica Hernandez A 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Ame mucho que esta Hermana ganara, tiene un gran talento y lo hizo genial!! ❤️☺️

  • Arkha Achumi
    Arkha Achumi Rok temu +5

    There is always a happy tears when I hear her sing... Priceless....

  • Veronika Margaritova
    Veronika Margaritova 10 miesięcy temu +61

    I just love how J-AX is probably her biggest fan, with the tears in his eyes...

    • Pyno Peñalba
      Pyno Peñalba 8 miesięcy temu +3

      Yessss!!! Big fan .. Love this combination!!! 🙏🥰😍

  • Queen Ayacodobae
    Queen Ayacodobae Rok temu +83

    When you have a voice that touches people's hearts and souls, this is the power of God!

  • Lawrence Thang
    Lawrence Thang 3 lat temu +1978

    I love two senior nuns jumping and supporting their lovely singer Cris

  • Nenita Mahmood
    Nenita Mahmood 8 miesięcy temu +3

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