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Very last Blind Audition WINS The Voice with unbelievable HIGH VOICE | Road to The Voice Finals

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  Miesiąc temu +104

    What’s your favorite performance by Chris Blue? ✌️

    • SileTa Mus
      SileTa Mus Dzień temu +1


    • MistieBlue
      MistieBlue Dzień temu

      All of his performance are simply too much incredibly powerful! His passion is there and we can feel in him a fire 🔥 for everything he has in him! Wish him all the Glory in his life! Perfect career!

    • Kaicy
      Kaicy 5 dni temu +1

      Take me to to the KING took it home🥳🥳🥳❤🙏🏾

    • Kaicy
      Kaicy 5 dni temu +1

      @Selvin Albertraj Songs For sure for sure the best🥳🥳🥳❤🙏🏾

    • Celina Neptune
      Celina Neptune 7 dni temu

      His audition!

  • Leslie Zulu
    Leslie Zulu 25 dni temu +207

    This guy is the full package, vocal specialist and an accomplished entertainer. This young man is very talented.

  • Kenny Mcintyre
    Kenny Mcintyre Miesiąc temu +150

    It has been a while since I have heard such magnificent singing. Salute to this young man. Fantastic

  • Michael Antwi
    Michael Antwi 4 dni temu +10

    This wasn't a contest for this guy, it was like he came to entertain people

  • Krissentia Charlery
    Krissentia Charlery 4 dni temu +9

    Everyone else was just unfortunate to have had to go up against him. He was spectacular 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Lebamang Sekoateng
    Lebamang Sekoateng 16 dni temu +35

    I just wanna take this time to thank Alicia for making all of this happen💯

  • Frederick
    Frederick 25 dni temu +124

    He is arguably the best ever winner of the Voice US... He's voice is out of this world...

    • zach robert
      zach robert 5 dni temu +1

      @SING TORRES Maeylen was special loved her..

    • Nakkie Becky
      Nakkie Becky 6 dni temu

      I agree his the best ever

    • CIA Ojone
      CIA Ojone 13 dni temu +2

      @Master Mao stop beefing. Can you beat those vocals

    • throughtheclouds 7
      throughtheclouds 7 16 dni temu +4

      @Master Mao pleeeeeease!!! The guy is a vocal beast

    • Lilidegaby Makeup
      Lilidegaby Makeup 19 dni temu

      That's what I was sayin this
      Man is god"thanks for understandin my feelings "

  • DA Royal Endless Cuisine
    DA Royal Endless Cuisine 22 dni temu +47

    He understood the assignment and he delivered it so well. what an incredible performance .

  • Miss Url
    Miss Url 26 dni temu +64

    He is amazing! There are moments in this performance that knock your socks off.

    • Deandre Blog TV
      Deandre Blog TV 26 dni temu +5

      What I love about Chris he lovet is fiancee he speak highly about her you have some good man out there an Chris is one of them I am so proud of you Chris

  • Miss Url
    Miss Url 26 dni temu +102

    Chris's vocal reminds me of the ever so phenomenal Fantasia, right down to his range and projection. Would love to see them perform together, what a delicious duo and treat that would be.

    • fiona fleming
      fiona fleming 10 dni temu +1

      I thought the exact same thing

    • Miss Url
      Miss Url 14 dni temu

      @Oluwatoyin Odesilo Two extremely gifted singers, their voices are an instrument to be heard.

    • Oluwatoyin Odesilo
      Oluwatoyin Odesilo 15 dni temu

      My thoughts exactly after hearing him sing.

    • Meisha James
      Meisha James 21 dzień temu +4

      Facts 100% even the way he moves on the stage reminds me of FANTASIA

    • Thato Chaole
      Thato Chaole 22 dni temu +3

      You hit the right strike indeed they can make a very beautiful duet a fired one indeed!!

  • Michael Bankart
    Michael Bankart 2 dni temu +8

    So nice of the judges to show up to Chris' Concert!!

    ACHILIKE CHINONSO 20 dni temu +9

    Chris blue is a bunch of goodness. Love his voice control, his dance moves and everything about him. The best of the voice.

  • Sharon Haynes
    Sharon Haynes 11 dni temu +5

    Chris Blue, you are a magnificent singer. Your voice is spectacular and out of this world. I pray God take you through your on your Journey.

  • Mahlongoane Kori
    Mahlongoane Kori 23 dni temu +32

    In my opinion the best winner the voice ever had so far. His voice speaks to my heart.
    It's also a bonus that he is a man in touch with his emotions because you know that that forehead kiss comes from the heart.

    • Irene Kabalisa
      Irene Kabalisa 6 dni temu

      How about Jordan Smith? The best voice winner in my opinion

  • Omoma Ogisaman
    Omoma Ogisaman 21 dzień temu +34

    This guy literally came to perform not compete!
    Cuz what's this madness!!🔥🔥

  • Bethuel Govene
    Bethuel Govene 23 dni temu +31

    He is Killin the high notes and his voice and song selection blends...

  • CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    He is one of my favorite singers on The Voice US. Amazing voice and stage presence. He deserves a good career.

  • Miles Walcott
    Miles Walcott 25 dni temu +34

    Words can't express how awesome this guy is he is phenomenal wow

  • Ihuoma Kalunta
    Ihuoma Kalunta 25 dni temu +30

    Chris is really wonderful. Kudos to his mum who showed the way

  • Dahlia Harrison
    Dahlia Harrison 24 dni temu +32

    His nuances are out of this world ,craft phenomenal. His voice unmatched the window to his soul is. 😍 ❤️ . He's a mixture of all the old soul and RB He's just simply great 👍.

  • Hilda Poo
    Hilda Poo 22 dni temu +33

    Wow...he is a showman. He has a great voice, the tenderness, he goes in that vulnerability that makes me want to hear more. The notes are clear...man...he has all that he needs to be a marvelous star 🌟
    On "When a man loves a woman" he reminded me of Joshua Ledet. He put his all in it. 🙌🏿🏆

  • Eghoghon Edobor
    Eghoghon Edobor 24 dni temu +59

    3 songs in...I am 'Wow, this guy is so good and versatile'. The battle was so unfortunate for the other guy, who was also very good...

    • okonkwo Tina
      okonkwo Tina 4 dni temu

      He unapologetically kills and swallows every of his songs with great performance

    • Ann Iwuoha
      Ann Iwuoha 21 dzień temu +3


  • Anthony Augustine
    Anthony Augustine 21 dzień temu +13

    Chris Blue.. still remains one of the best voices to have won the voice competition. He is a what you call total package! He is a great entertainer. I rooted from for him all through that period. Where is he currently? Haven't heard a thing from him

  • Ana Maria Dias
    Ana Maria Dias Miesiąc temu +33

    Ele canta muito,em todos estilos musicais
    Ele é incrível 👏👏

  • Kézia Oliveira
    Kézia Oliveira Miesiąc temu +99

    He is one of my favorite singers on The Voice US. Amazing voice and stage presence. He deserves a good career.

  • dee walker
    dee walker 22 dni temu +28

    Dear God I just adore watching an artist that sings with their whole body. It just adds a magical component to the performance

  • Rossana Glasgow
    Rossana Glasgow 20 dni temu +16

    Watching Chris May 2, 2022. Most versatile US THE VOICE performer ever. Alicia KNEW she got a WINNER from DAY 1

  • Debbie Davidson
    Debbie Davidson 21 dzień temu +15

    The judges knew from the blind audition he was the winner...and every performance after they just were astounded by his continued excellence

  • Farombi
    Farombi 26 dni temu +52

    Last born of the family, Last contestant of the audition. Fate indeed.

  • Miss Url
    Miss Url 26 dni temu +23

    Not familiar with the song but both singers were good. Chris knocked it out of the park, his vocal tone is incredible....loved this pair.

  • Zaithoon Maziya
    Zaithoon Maziya 15 dni temu +9

    Love the chemistry between Chris and Alecia. He is so talented. His vocals are insane!

  • Cleopatra Mirembe
    Cleopatra Mirembe 24 dni temu +30

    His rendition of "Take me to the King"...is just what I was waiting for 😭❤️🥺

  • CIA Ojone
    CIA Ojone 13 dni temu +5

    old soul. even when the instrumentalists missed it, he kept it exact

  • Jhon Reek
    Jhon Reek Miesiąc temu +35

    Great control on bis distortion, he's got a soaring head voice and you can definitely hear he's got range

  • Etido etuk
    Etido etuk 25 dni temu +38

    Singer and performer!, He's so real ,I mean he's not just trying to do it, it flows from within, stress free, struggle free performances.Hes good, very good.his career will be like an explosion, if he focuses, holds on to God, "leaves out the drugs", he'll be great!

  • Jessica Mlilwana
    Jessica Mlilwana 27 dni temu +29

    He's a natural performer, period😊

  • Novelette Anderson
    Novelette Anderson 26 dni temu +25

    Wow!! I AM not tired of LISTENING to this young man, He is the greatest of all on the Voice... 100% he is the best...

  • Meisha James
    Meisha James 21 dzień temu +11

    His performances are electrifying, love love love him

  • Athenkosi Ncapayi
    Athenkosi Ncapayi 22 dni temu +8

    He kept it going until to the point where it felt like I'd pay to see this this man because he's probably doing the most. I pray his journey doesn't end here 🙏, he got a hell of a profound talent.

  • 深山リリィベス
    深山リリィベス Miesiąc temu +23

    Wow, so amazing voice. I love this song "Tracks Of My Tears" he sung so Excellent. God bless you Chris.

  • whitebeard
    whitebeard 23 dni temu +33

    dude this guy is a beast, he kills everything, what a star

  • winsome simmonds
    winsome simmonds 22 dni temu +11

    young man with a golden voice
    not only a phenomenal singer he's a fantastic performer
    where have you been?
    All the best Chris
    The sky is the limit

  • Jonathan Ngenzi
    Jonathan Ngenzi 22 dni temu +21

    Thank you so much for putting this together... Chris Blue is def one of the best the voice winners of all times.

  • christine ndoro
    christine ndoro 24 dni temu +20

    Happiness and love. This young man has so much funk and soul. I've never felt so happy watching every performance as I have watching him. Steph big up. God's got this and Gods got you. You know you lit a fire in him that we all now enjoy and Moms well done. Your son is fantastic. It must be crazy listening to all your boys under one roof. Blessssss you all!

  • vera lucia barrada martins


  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright 24 dni temu +16

    All I can say that this is natural talent! ❤

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters 22 dni temu +11

    Without doubt ... he is the very finest performer thats ever been on the voice

  • Tambayan's Club
    Tambayan's Club Miesiąc temu +44

    Why they made him as the last contestant, he got potential in getting more turns but gladly he won it all, one of my favorites in Season 12 ❤👏

    • Etido etuk
      Etido etuk 25 dni temu +2

      "The best"

    • Paul Ranger
      Paul Ranger 26 dni temu

      PAUL RANGER YUO ,49 ,👋💯🇨🇦👍🤙👏✌️🤘

    • Elmer Cura
      Elmer Cura Miesiąc temu +4

      He is destined on Alicia Keys team

    • Innocent Ezegwui
      Innocent Ezegwui Miesiąc temu +3

      The stage is all yours brother.

  • Elnadrion
    Elnadrion 18 dni temu +3

    It has been a while since I have heard such magnificent singing. Salute to this young man. Fantastic

  • Arthur
    Arthur Miesiąc temu +36

    Chris is an amazing singer and was the best of season 12. Also glad Alicia finally won !

  • Tessa Cadore
    Tessa Cadore 22 dni temu +8

    I can never get enough of Çhris. He's got the whole package.

  • Dorrinda Gooderham
    Dorrinda Gooderham Miesiąc temu +32

    What a beautiful voice, the blind auditions new he was a winner.

  • George Eze
    George Eze 21 dzień temu +10

    If I could love his performances one million time, I will. He truly deserves what he got, God bless him, his mum and his woman. I'm happy listening to a beautiful and captivating soul sing

  • ̈Casa Del Ritmo ̈ House Fresh Music ́s Shows!

    I can`t expect less coming from Alicia Keys coaching!, this guy is the most awesome performer ever in the voice! and his humanity in all his road make him more special!, he is the one that should take over this competition! a star has born!

  • gemma lily felicilda
    gemma lily felicilda 17 dni temu +3

    I love the way you sing and dance Chris Blue! You are simply one of the very best!!!

  • Rahma Said
    Rahma Said 5 dni temu +10

    He's a blend of soul, rnb,pop n gospel, just phenomenal

  • Josephine Aitafo
    Josephine Aitafo 21 dzień temu +8

    Alicia and Chris! Perfect vocal match! Looking forward to a Collabo!

  • Sharen Watson
    Sharen Watson 26 dni temu +18

    Greetings from Australia 🇦🇺..A natural performer..wow!! I absolutely enjoyed every performance, the best I've seen in a long time.

  • Sonia Mitto
    Sonia Mitto 18 dni temu +5

    This guys got soul!!! 💖💖💖Full package

  • Joy Okiesco
    Joy Okiesco 27 dni temu +31

    A well deserved win indeed Chris, congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Robert Jaladyan
    Robert Jaladyan Miesiąc temu +20

    Блестящий талант, молодчина. Браво.

  • Paul Ngata
    Paul Ngata 14 dni temu +6

    It's so believable...
    It's coming from somewhere so deep ( especially that song he did when a man loves a woman ).
    He understood the assignment.

  • JoJo
    JoJo  Miesiąc temu +15

    Chris is singing Prince song like a King of soul , he is dancing like a God, he as all to be a star . Thank's Best of voice

  • Calista Okwara
    Calista Okwara Miesiąc temu +14

    Voice control perfect Great runs Alicia has a good sense of judgement Bravo Chris Blue

  • Tshidi Moloko
    Tshidi Moloko 2 dni temu

    Watching this was like attending a music concert from the comfort of my home! beautiful voice ever

  • Derrick Smith
    Derrick Smith 15 dni temu +2

    I don't really watch much of these talent shows because of a lot of different reasons but this guy is a born talent 👏 🙌 just beautiful!!!!

  • Janet Nazziwa
    Janet Nazziwa 20 dni temu +7

    " you never forget where you came from" take me to the king🤩🤩

  • Marcia Saunders
    Marcia Saunders 8 dni temu +3

    He's has one of the most beautiful, sweet, harmonic voices I've ever heard, along with his cool and handsome nature. All the best to him, his family and his fiance, God's blessings

  • Renly Yohanis Rampi
    Renly Yohanis Rampi 13 dni temu +4

    Superstition was the craziest, dare i say one of the top 3 best performances in the voice USA history

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters 22 dni temu +5

    This young man is already recordable and roadworthy !

  • Helen Ortega
    Helen Ortega 17 dni temu +3

    How can an only person have that much talent?! Wow! My respect and admiration!! 🙌♥️

  • Ann Purvis
    Ann Purvis 19 dni temu +5

    Absolutely brilliant this man can sing

  • Orlando Estrada
    Orlando Estrada 29 dni temu +9

    Es muy profesional el chico merece gravar tiene estilo y clase,tiene arte

  • LottaTroublemaker
    LottaTroublemaker Miesiąc temu +18

    He’s fantastic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Maiso john kennedy
    Maiso john kennedy 28 dni temu +12

    Cris blue has got magnificent voice and a talent

  • Carl Liddle
    Carl Liddle 12 dni temu +2

    Talented I would love to see him and Dalton Harris perform together.

  • Mad Monad
    Mad Monad 21 dzień temu +5

    Damn....he is just perfect. Love that his family are also such a close knit family and rooted in religion. That's clearly thanks to his mom... she must be one very proud mom, and I'm sure his fiancée is even more madly in love after this.
    Bright future ahead for him, can't wait to buy his albums.

  • denise brown
    denise brown 23 dni temu +8

    He is the best I have seen on any talent show. outstanding

  • Wonderland
    Wonderland 20 dni temu +4

    This is what great singing is all about.....he is a genius!!!!

  • Barrie Atuona
    Barrie Atuona 10 godzin temu

    Brilliant + Powerful delivery! Love it to heavens.

  • maria schiffer
    maria schiffer 5 dni temu +2

    He is a STAR!...and God precious gift to all of us!!! Alicia, darling, you are a star maker, thank you!

  • guy-sandrine dalo
    guy-sandrine dalo 25 dni temu +9

    He is such a voice, i Luv everything that he does. So very talented... Yesss indeed

  • Thabang Wells
    Thabang Wells 11 dni temu +3

    His single is gonna be globally within an hour trust me.....pls god protect him to the end of his journey

  • Miss Url
    Miss Url 26 dni temu +7

    Kudos, kudos and more kudos. Chris has it going on, bravo!!!

  • Natália
    Natália Miesiąc temu +9

    Sem palavras pra esse cara!!

    David NAMAHIRWE 22 dni temu +6

    Masterful performance with Alicia 👍

    NDAYAMBAJE Kevin 24 dni temu +7

    This guy deserves all he's got

  • Shade Ajayi
    Shade Ajayi 23 dni temu +5

    Always a concert with Chris Blue.

  • Ralston Phepeng
    Ralston Phepeng 23 dni temu +6

    This guy is super amazing man great voice and energy damn I loved take me to the king

  • realmorpheusprime
    realmorpheusprime 16 dni temu +1

    One of the very very best voice talents. “Adore You” was a spectacular live performance. Good luck Chris Blue.

  • Doris Hartley
    Doris Hartley Miesiąc temu +15

    He has such a good voice in his middle range 😍 I just hope the screaming will not ruin his voice later on which happens to a lot of singers when they don't train their voices properly and continue to take vocal lessons. Listen to Dimash, the best voice on the planet right now. He's trained his voice since he's five and still rehearses 3 hours every day to protect his voice.

    • Rebecca Boiles
      Rebecca Boiles Miesiąc temu

      I love Dimas since I heard his angelic voice in 2017.

  • vera lucia barrada martins

    Maravilhoso INCRÍVEL.

  • Margaret Seaman Rabess

    I had to watch the entire vidéo in a go as he kept me on my toes. What a remarkable and incredible young talented Star. He is just amazing and such a cativating voice. Keeping it real Chris!!!

  • Sara Jael Perdomo Donis de Mendoza

    Amazing voice, amazing artist

  • Miko Wong
    Miko Wong 17 dni temu +2

    This man makes me hold my head high to be an ordinary looking person of colour! May Yahuah be blessed and evermore be praised!!!

  • hueman
    hueman 10 dni temu +1

    The Voice, internationally, has helped keep me sane through 2+ years of viral Hell & total solitude. I hear "package", "industry", & a lot of other commercial nonsense.... But Chris Blue - ARTIST! Love from France - BE SAFE.

  • Meisha James
    Meisha James 21 dzień temu +3

    I love to see him enjoying ever performance

  • Maureen Young
    Maureen Young 27 dni temu +8

    Alicia Keys is so beautiful!

  • ann marie lewin
    ann marie lewin 26 dni temu +8

    Chris soulful voice takes your mind and heart to another spiritual place just beautiful

    PAPI FF Miesiąc temu +13

    no one had a chance , his to good , better then most famous singers.