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INCREDIBLE Girl Group WINS The Voice Generations 🤩

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  10 dni temu +6

    What’s your favorite performance by Hey! Mix? ✌️

  • Márcia Giane Pires Alteneter

    Garotas que juntas tem um vocal sensacional!!!! Cantaram super bem!!!!! Adorei!!!!!!

  • Edwin Guerra Avendaño
    Edwin Guerra Avendaño 10 dni temu +4

    I can't understand why you don't nclude the coaches' reactions or comments, as UK or Australia's videos... Instead of, they are a superb vocal group and the songs selection was the finest!!!!
    Greetings and blessings from Venezuela!!!!

  • Ahmad Firdaus
    Ahmad Firdaus 10 dni temu +17

    I'm not going to compare them to other group singers, but they're not that good IMO. Aand also about the battle part, usually I don't mind if group singer vs a soloist singer, but this one was very unfair for the soloist singer since the groups singer has kinda power in their voice that rather than the solo singer that has soft voice, not just that bc the song choice for the battle was kinda makes us obviously know who were the winners for the battle anyway
    It's just my opinion, other opinions accept

    • Shin Wata
      Shin Wata 8 dni temu

      seriously, these guys will be lucky if they will be around after a year.

    • jisung
      jisung 9 dni temu

      ikr and when they sang bang bang the rap is not good i dont even know what did she say

  • Geraldine Ekhator
    Geraldine Ekhator 10 dni temu +7

    They are good but I think that G Nation is better.

  • stevens allsorts
    stevens allsorts 10 dni temu +1

    And everyone please note, this started BEFORE the Australian ( so called first ever generations in the world ) series

  • Mary Elhalfy
    Mary Elhalfy 10 dni temu +3

    It makes me wonder how they are going to split the winnings if they win the whole thing.

  • Tlanmawia tbacka
    Tlanmawia tbacka 9 dni temu


  • Hey Fleming!
    Hey Fleming! 10 dni temu

    Still love em

  • Joachim
    Joachim 10 dni temu +4

    Χωρίς να θέλω να γίνω κακός αλλά απορώ πως κέρδισαν, δεν έχουν και τις υπέροχες φωνές

    • Gail Gober
      Gail Gober 10 dni temu

      I agree 👍 💯

    • Pich Bora Diy
      Pich Bora Diy 10 dni temu


    • Joachim
      Joachim 10 dni temu +3

      @Jill durham νταξει συμφωνώ αλλά πάνε στο voice για την φωνή τους και όχι για το παρουσιαστικό τους

    • ScriptureNest
      ScriptureNest 10 dni temu

      @Jill durham Hard not to when there are that many of them the stage is barely big enough

  • Lourdes G
    Lourdes G 8 dni temu

    They destroyed Begging, the saxophone was the only thing that was good there

  • Lucy Zhilina
    Lucy Zhilina 10 dni temu

    Это не победители! Отстой😟

  • Anne-Marie Dannehl
    Anne-Marie Dannehl 9 dni temu

    Furchtbare Stimmen!

  • Shin Wata
    Shin Wata 8 dni temu

    so what high school band did they find that crappy sax player on the second song?

  • Alexis Nicovenko
    Alexis Nicovenko 10 dni temu

    Que feo cantan!

  • babita prabhu dessai

    G nation is way much better then they are like worst it is my opinion dont judge mr pls

  • Renee Souder
    Renee Souder 10 dni temu +5

    I still don't see what the big deal is about them. My high school choir sounded better in the'70s.

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made 7 dni temu

    They sucked

  • Gail Gober
    Gail Gober 10 dni temu +5

    Sorry but they should have watched Fourth Power do Bang Bang....now that was a good one!! I don't think they were that good. 😕

  • Meaty Donkey
    Meaty Donkey 10 dni temu +3

    They’re all horrible singers. Just awful.