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16-Year-Old's EMOTIONAL delivery got the Coaches in AWE on The Voice

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  Miesiąc temu +92

    What's your favorite performance by Lidia? ✌

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Miesiąc temu +126

    The battle was the best I’ve seen on any voice show. She’s ridiculously talented and only 16. Enjoy it young lady your career blows up from here

    • Pretty Tatyana
      Pretty Tatyana Miesiąc temu +1

      @Mara H and I think so too🙂

    • A A
      A A Miesiąc temu +6

      You should watch the Battle between Albina and Flip from Croatia. It was also a masterpiece like this

    • Mara H
      Mara H Miesiąc temu +10

      Yes!!! That battle was insane. My mouth was hanging open. The other girl was so good too.

  • Linda Lewis
    Linda Lewis Miesiąc temu +140

    Hard to believe she's only 16 with that incredible voice. She definitely has a future in the music industry. 👍❤️

  • Raito
    Raito Miesiąc temu +118

    This is by far the best cover of Driver License in any performances! She's really nailed that song! She got such a soul voice!😳

    • Ryan Shah
      Ryan Shah Miesiąc temu

      And don’t forget Kiara from the voice kids Germany

    • Paul Batts
      Paul Batts Miesiąc temu +1

      A hate driver license !! but I actually didn't even recognized that she was singing it at first she has excellent voice

  • Mara H
    Mara H Miesiąc temu +51

    That vibrato, control, tone, creative choices - I’m so so impressed!!!

  • Lew Thrasher
    Lew Thrasher Miesiąc temu +41

    This girl is absolutely amazing. Her voice is well beyond her years.

    GROZDALENA IVANOVA 5 dni temu +3

    От къде я изкара тази душа,мило момиче? Само на 16,а пееш с толкова чувство и емоция. Ангелски,чист и кристален глас. Създаваш магия,въздействаш много и ни караш да настръхваме. Бог ти е дал толкова талант и го е комплектовал с чувствена душа. Сигурно плановете му за теб са велики. Бори се дете.

  • Naomi F
    Naomi F Miesiąc temu +56

    Oh, my goodness! Her voice is absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe she’s only 16.

  • Gerry Thibert
    Gerry Thibert Miesiąc temu +81

    Wow, just Wow!! She was amazing with every song. The duet was great and the other girl was pretty good too. I hope Lidia continues on and becomes a superstar.

  • NickyW
    NickyW Miesiąc temu +51

    WOW! That voice! She looks AND sounds like an angel! Absolutely captivating. ❤️

  • Kamila SKOORA
    Kamila SKOORA Miesiąc temu +36

    She has crystal - like voice. Just stunning! And sings so lightly and efortlessly. Wow, wow, wow, just amazing

  • Mohammed Moody
    Mohammed Moody Miesiąc temu +20

    She's awesome girl with a magical voice, she's looks professional, she's high confidence

  • Frank DeMarzo
    Frank DeMarzo Miesiąc temu +12

    She is such a Professional!
    What a voice! The world needs to hear this brilliant young singer!

  • Tina Woodell
    Tina Woodell Miesiąc temu +12

    There's not too many kids that can deliver that kind of emotion and control not to mention she looks like and Angel. WOW!

  • Wanda Richmond
    Wanda Richmond Miesiąc temu +15

    They were both amazing. They sang with so much emotion, brought tears.

  • Carl Van Den Berg
    Carl Van Den Berg Miesiąc temu +24

    This is the reason WARS MUST STOP.......beautiful voices singing displaying the sacredness of life.Thank you for sharing light in these dark days.Salute.

  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho Miesiąc temu +6

    Not just her voice but she is completely stunning! She looks like Camila Cabello. 😭

  • Tahoe Twin
    Tahoe Twin Miesiąc temu +34

    Lidia Ganeva is by far the best singer and performer of the season. As I watched this from outside of Bulgaria, in (North America) Lidia is a global talent and soon to be superstar. Bulgarian folklore singer Petya Paneva was popluar to the Bulgarian people but to the rest of the world it should have been Lidia Ganeva for the win.

    • Diasmc Coelho
      Diasmc Coelho Miesiąc temu

      Is there an app so I can watch this The Voice? 💗

    • Diasmc Coelho
      Diasmc Coelho Miesiąc temu +1

      Is there an app so I can watch this The Voice? 💗

  • Ivan Paul Taurua
    Ivan Paul Taurua Miesiąc temu +18

    Finally we have a musician that sings from her inner soul without the loud overtones just pure deliberate even expression mountains and mountains of heightened emotion so softly deliver and mystery that stuns the alliance of notes effortlessly

  • Moonbeam Tipi
    Moonbeam Tipi Miesiąc temu +13

    This is such an old soul coming back. What a voice and angelic creature. She is stunning beautiful and talented beyond magic.

  • Sophia 11/16
    Sophia 11/16 Miesiąc temu +10

    Simply ANGELICAL!!! She blows me away with that voice. God bless her!!! She sounds like a pro. I cried when she sang "jeluose" 💖💝💖

  • Ramon Yap
    Ramon Yap 19 godzin temu

    What a gorgeous voice for a 16 year old. So mesmerizing.... She should have no problem having a recording contract. Love her voice...

  • Nerissa Flores
    Nerissa Flores Miesiąc temu +15

    she can perform and singing like a pro..her voice is perfect and also shes beautiful young lady..❤❤

  • Sharlene Cassius
    Sharlene Cassius Miesiąc temu +5

    This girl should skip The Voice and have a recording contract.Whether or not she wins the whole thing...she's winning.

  • Dr. Michael R. Foreman
    Dr. Michael R. Foreman Miesiąc temu +10

    That is the best version of "Drivers License" I have heard since Karolina Protosenko's version. Well done. All the emotion and dynamics were spot on. Very impressive.

  • Tina Woodell
    Tina Woodell Miesiąc temu +46

    She will be a Huge Star 🌟 Mark my words.

  • Crystal Weimer
    Crystal Weimer Miesiąc temu +18

    She’s absolutely amazing!!!!! Seriously could be the next Kelly Clarkson especially with the way she makes every song her own!!!!!

  • Tommy Hill
    Tommy Hill Miesiąc temu +21

    Man that lady has a great voice.she is going to be one of the best singer coming out of the voice.she has a pretty voice.

    • Daniel Severson
      Daniel Severson Miesiąc temu +1

      She is I agree!
      I hope she makes it as well
      There's one issue and that is getting heard. With less than 300,000 views she won't make it to superstardom! She will need to get into the north American English speaking market. To do that won't be easy! She will need to be seen and heard.

  • Jennifer Booth
    Jennifer Booth Miesiąc temu +15

    She is just 16 singing like this! Can you imagine what she will sound like in 5-10 years? She is genuine, very raw talent and sings with heart. I feel every word she sings.

  • thetatismine
    thetatismine Miesiąc temu +25

    Lidia you are stunning to look at, of course but that voice! My goodness, every single note sounds as if you have been practicing singing since infancy. I too used to sing professionally at the very age you are. Don't let this industry eat you alive. As the show says, THE VOICE. You have one. Use it to make your best decisions. Your heart will show you the way. Much ❤ love goes out to you from me and the best of luck.

    • Beverly Hill
      Beverly Hill Miesiąc temu


    • Karen Shearer
      Karen Shearer Miesiąc temu

      A very beautiful and a stunning and fantastic voice...keep it up!

  • Jp Slim
    Jp Slim Miesiąc temu +18

    Damn. She’s much better than I expected. That was a good version of Jealous.

  • Rob Hopmans
    Rob Hopmans Miesiąc temu +10

    Listened with open mouth. She sings superb!

  • pouyan daneshmand
    pouyan daneshmand Miesiąc temu +12

    Wow! What a beautiful voice.the duet was amazing❤❤🔥🔥

  • Shirley Laboy
    Shirley Laboy Miesiąc temu +15

    Amazing Amazing Amazing Wow what a voice. Love her range and power. Best of luck for a long and Happy career. 🙂❤️🎼🎶🎶🎶

  • Merasol Reyes
    Merasol Reyes Miesiąc temu +20

    She's the best singer in the voice I've ever watched so far. Wow! Amazing singing voice.

  • AstroVision Song Contest
    AstroVision Song Contest Miesiąc temu +14

    OMG LIDIA!!! I'm so thrilled of seeing her again after her being the Bulgarian song for the Junior Eurovision 2016

  • Anthony Miley
    Anthony Miley Miesiąc temu +45

    Abolutely stunning performances.

  • eric vuillemey
    eric vuillemey Miesiąc temu +22

    Best battle EVER !!!
    I probably have watched it 10 or 15 times a week for the past months !
    And i have shivers EVERY time.
    Can't wait to hear more from her !!!

  • keith zebrowski
    keith zebrowski Miesiąc temu +10

    One of the best battles I've seen on any voice 👌

  • dmkccR2ventureMade
    dmkccR2ventureMade Miesiąc temu +5

    I don't want to stop hearing her sing.
    Love you hear more great emotional songs

  • patch Pittman
    patch Pittman Miesiąc temu +11

    Lida, is a superstar in the making with a true gift in her voice she will have a bright future, an amazing new talent!!!

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Miesiąc temu +10

    She's phenomenal!

  • willbe939
    willbe939 Miesiąc temu +5

    What a great voice! Certainly a star in the making!

  • Lidia Torbica
    Lidia Torbica 25 dni temu +1

    I love all of them! Great voice, beautiful singer!

  • Imelda Jadulco
    Imelda Jadulco Miesiąc temu +8

    Absolutely gorgeous angel beauty and incredibly stunning total package performer

  • Giglia Pages
    Giglia Pages 9 dni temu

    This young girl has an unusual gift, an amazing tone of voice and outstanding interpretation skill, that moves you with it's beauty 💕👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️ reminds me young Barbara Streisand.

  • MAURIZIO Fracasso
    MAURIZIO Fracasso Miesiąc temu +4

    voce delicata
    ma potente,
    bella e splendida presenza.

  • edson mancini
    edson mancini Miesiąc temu +6

    Uma das melhores audições já vistas , parabéns, do Paraná, Brasil. 👍👍👍

  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams Miesiąc temu +5

    Beautiful voice! Amazing just wow

  • Lea Carpentero
    Lea Carpentero Miesiąc temu +2

    Such a great voice.. amazing... though Easy on me by Adele is difficult for her..

  • Bernhard Veckes
    Bernhard Veckes Miesiąc temu +6

    Unfassbar, was es für Talente gibt!
    Einfach super schöne Musik!

  • Misty Cascade
    Misty Cascade Miesiąc temu +5

    The first battle Duett is breath taking! Thank you for showing! 💓

  • Kim Nicole Pajarillo
    Kim Nicole Pajarillo Miesiąc temu +69

    Oh God I gave up when she sang Jealous 😭 btw she kinda looks lang Camilla Cabello

  • Rick Rickard
    Rick Rickard 19 dni temu +1

    @02:21 “lovely” by Billie Eilish, with talent Далия Врана (Battles)- One of THE best duo's I've ever heard.
    This gal SEEKS the hardest notes with ease, and, manipulates what most shy from, into one of the most original, and unique ways to take it from there, that I've ever heard.
    And absolute joy to listen to. She holds your emotions, in the palm of her hand.

  • Mario Medina
    Mario Medina Miesiąc temu +22

    ¡ Belleza y Talento !. (ARGENTINA).

  • m okta
    m okta Miesiąc temu +6

    Beautiful Queen with angelic voice 😍

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R Miesiąc temu +7

    What a beautiful voice, I was so glad to see her add breath to make it louder and stronger. The quiet is beautiful, but she had the potential to build a song, it made such a difference. What was the instrument in Go Easy On Me that was drowning her out?

  • Tia Jewels
    Tia Jewels 18 dni temu +1

    I would so buy her album! Incredible!

  • JoJo
    JoJo  25 dni temu

    A great voice for a young girl , my favorite song is Lidya singing "lovely" with Dalya, brilliant !

  • Jon K
    Jon K Miesiąc temu +16

    Beautiful Voice Love IT :)

  • Wilson Forero
    Wilson Forero Miesiąc temu +10

    Omg Lidya us perfect, so gorgeus and her voice is magic. All her performance are cute like her!! Blessings Lidya I love you!!

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Miesiąc temu +7

    Beautiful voice.

  • Pretty Tatyana
    Pretty Tatyana Miesiąc temu +2

    Девочки-вы великолепны! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Дуэт- просто Супер!💥😃Браво! С такой широкой душой исполнено! 💝🥰Приветствую из Казахстана ✋🏻💓💥💐🥰💓💥💐🥰💓💥💐🥰💓💥💐

  • Jamil
    Jamil 19 dni temu +1

    Lidia's first audition performance where she turned 4 chairs is the one that caught and held my attention. Subsequent song choices showed a lack of emotion but a good voice. Taking on Adele imo was not a deal maker.

  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams Miesiąc temu +4

    Omg... I had to listen to the rest I think I commented too soon... Every song she gave me goose bumps n her singing it like it's hers made me believe every word... Not too many at that age has that much talent.. absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jo-Ann I. Benson
    Jo-Ann I. Benson Miesiąc temu +1

    Hope to see her in the future! Very talented.

  • Dhen Magbanua
    Dhen Magbanua Miesiąc temu +2

    What an amazing performance at her age 👏👏👍👍

  • Fatima Daniels
    Fatima Daniels Miesiąc temu +2

    Ethereal in her voice and beauty. Her voice is stunning

  • Cecile Rose
    Cecile Rose Miesiąc temu +5


  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu Miesiąc temu +3

    5:00 lovely finish to a duet, very emotional

  • Mark Keller
    Mark Keller Miesiąc temu +3

    Very nice for teenager, but my favorite teenage singer is Alicja Szemplinska from Voice of Poland.
    Her cover of Wicked Game is a masterpiece.
    Check it up. You can not to be disappointed.
    She was 17 at that time.

  • Jessie Romero
    Jessie Romero Miesiąc temu +7

    Wow the duet was amazing

  • Florian Nistor
    Florian Nistor Miesiąc temu +6

    Espectacular! Le deseo lo mejor del mundo!

  • Alyssa M
    Alyssa M 24 dni temu +3

    What the industry DOESN'T need is 'another' repititive pop star...they need another Alannis, another Dolores, another Janis, another Amy...we NEED a voice that sticks out and songs that mean something...Not just same styles same tunes, I party I have bling I have this that....These up and coming vocal stars need to get into the original mode...yes they sound amazing singing someone elses song like them...but isn't that just high level karoake? Sooo much talent out there yet they are just happy copying other artists....I'm not taking away from their talent they are gifted...they need to take that gift higher to the next level, and that's be known for being different...have a 'you' quality....you def know when it's an Alannis Morissette song...a Sia song, a Cranberries song...the 'you' factor....Lidia ...you get that 'you' factor....nothing will stop you, yes people will hate it or love it...but that's w everything...
    Love from Canada

  • Alessandra La Villa
    Alessandra La Villa Miesiąc temu +4

    Wow, what a giftfull Voice😍😍!

  • Gina Rita
    Gina Rita Miesiąc temu +4

    16 jahre alt.
    So fantastische Stimme. 👍👍👍❤
    Sie singt wie eine Weltstar ❤
    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich 🇦🇹

  • Etlin Richner
    Etlin Richner Miesiąc temu +3

    Amazing. A star is born🌟

  • Paula Cardoso
    Paula Cardoso Miesiąc temu +12

    Ela é maravilhosa, canta bem todas as músicas! !😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mary Elhalfy
    Mary Elhalfy Miesiąc temu +4

    Nkham The and Jealous were my favorite This young lady is a pleasure to listen to at any sage

  • Pete Braven
    Pete Braven Miesiąc temu +3

    God, what a voice! 👌🎶🎶💝

  • Kathleen Ludricks
    Kathleen Ludricks Miesiąc temu +3

    Love her! Amazingly talented! ❤️

  • Anika Madhavan (Rivervaleps)

    i LOVE her high pitch tones because they were in the right place. not a lyric she missed!

  • Judy Ann Odon
    Judy Ann Odon 5 dni temu

    She's so beautiful and her voice too.

  • K G
    K G Miesiąc temu +2

    Wow ithink I've found another super star that voice is so captivating so much passion and depth 😍

  • Geoffrey Johnson
    Geoffrey Johnson Miesiąc temu +1

    WOW, she really is special !

  • Teresita Luyong
    Teresita Luyong Miesiąc temu +3

    In her green dress, simpl, but looks so well on her...with her voice she'll go far!!!😘😘😘

  • Мадам Брошкина
    Мадам Брошкина Miesiąc temu +1

    Девчонки отожгли🔥.Жюри в шоке,😆

  • João Tomás
    João Tomás 5 dni temu +1


  • sn tg
    sn tg 21 dzień temu

    Beautiful voice!

  • Ven Love
    Ven Love Miesiąc temu +1

    Incredible love her singing

  • Cris
    Cris Miesiąc temu +4

    Em todas as apresentações ela foi espetacular, com apenas 16 anos ela já é uma cantora maravilhosa. Tenho certeza de que ela terá futuro brilhante na música.
    Ps: a batalha foi incrível, com toda certeza uma das melhores que já vi em todas as edições pelo mundo.

  • Brenda Maharaj
    Brenda Maharaj Miesiąc temu +3


  • joellink
    joellink Miesiąc temu +3

    Waw!!! Que voz mas hermosa futura estrella 💫!!!

  • Endera Tangcasan
    Endera Tangcasan Miesiąc temu +2

    Amazing..voice and personality

  • Davies Frank
    Davies Frank Miesiąc temu +8

    Damn, she's a star🌟🔥😘

  • Erlinda Cabaltera
    Erlinda Cabaltera Miesiąc temu +2

    Duet was great!

  • HotsRus
    HotsRus Miesiąc temu +10

    Her voice gives me goose-bumps, absolutely love her voice. She can sing the phone book and her voice will just shine.

  • M G
    M G Miesiąc temu +16

    She's amazing! She looks just like Cristal from the PLclip family called The Can family.

  • Delta Echo
    Delta Echo Miesiąc temu +2

    she's really really great..all of her songs.👍

  • Azizo Rhania
    Azizo Rhania Miesiąc temu +5

    Amazingly talented and lovely young lady👩