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INCREDIBLE 13-year-old has the Coaches FLABBERGASTED! | Road to The Voice Finals

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice  13 dni temu +41

    What's your favorite performance by Kennedy? ✌

    • Lincon Class
      Lincon Class Dzień temu

      Thank you God, for continuing Whitney Houston's legacy...thank you Whitney for your inspiration; thanks Jennifer Hudson for inspiring her too!!! I'm loving it all!!! Wishing you success when I already see it happening is redundant to say the least, lol, but may your journey be blessed, Kennedy Holmes!! 🤩😍❤

    • Nestor N. Nugpo
      Nestor N. Nugpo 6 dni temu

      Everything she does,she's phenomenal,congrats Kennedy🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

    • Elisabeth Sætermo
      Elisabeth Sætermo 6 dni temu +1

      OMG what did I just witness. She's 14. Just amazing young talented girl. Amazing.. 😘😱💜 And I thought Angelina Jordan Astar was unique. She is but so is Kennedy too. Amazing to hear. I loved all of the songs. Love from Norway 🇳🇴

    • Maria Wright
      Maria Wright 7 dni temu +2

      This is natural talent ❤❤❤

    • Γεωργια Μανικα
      Γεωργια Μανικα 9 dni temu +1

      @maria huerta ņ

  • Jeovannie Small
    Jeovannie Small 3 dni temu +8

    She was robbed this season...What a talent! The voice wasn't ready for her... I hope to hear her 🎶 🎵 soon

    • Claudia Ionescu
      Claudia Ionescu Dzień temu

      😌 ✨✨✨✨✨ 2022 /💪🍀💗 🕊️ 🙌

  • ninix007
    ninix007 12 dni temu +48

    This girl has it all. Her parents did an amazing job : there is plenty of potential talents out there, but it's easier for them to get caught by the light if their parents make them feel like they are worth it.

  • Rain Zang
    Rain Zang 13 dni temu +119

    I see a young Whitney Huston standing there singing to the world

    • Dimofte Emanuel
      Dimofte Emanuel 2 dni temu

      I'm sorry but she has nothing to do with Whitney at all, they are nothing the same.

    • Valarie Lacasse
      Valarie Lacasse 5 dni temu +1

      Stop the comparision please she is an individual just as the late Whitney Houston singing is all they have in common

    • Helder Santos
      Helder Santos 8 dni temu +1

      um prodígio. uma. artista total. um fenómeno. Hélder

    • fannydad
      fannydad 8 dni temu +2

      Its also my first think after a few seconds .... this is the new Whitney, this ist the new big thing. Unbeleavable .... i cant hear a wrong note in all her songs. Also her performance with the dancers ..... like a professional after 5 years in business. And she is only 13/14 years old!!!! I am sure she is one of the top 3 talents of all times of the voice - worldwide!

    • charley scriba
      charley scriba 11 dni temu +1

      Sorry, but for me she's better as Whitney Houston 👍🏻

  • Lozza
    Lozza 11 dni temu +39

    I absolutely love that her family are in awe of her and actually let her know that she is amazing! She comes from good seeds and she's going to branch out far and wide!!

    • Wendy Poggenpoel
      Wendy Poggenpoel 7 dni temu +1

      she is si talented si move all the emotions in I was crying happy at the same time

  • omigie daniel
    omigie daniel 12 dni temu +34

    This is pure talent.. she was obviously brought into this world to sing and entertain

  • Susan Scarlett
    Susan Scarlett 7 godzin temu

    This young lady is talent overload. She's already a winner in my books, even if she sang a lullaby. Amazing.

  • Jutta Chlupac
    Jutta Chlupac 13 dni temu +54

    She has a beautiful voice, not childish at all. And she is able to put a lot of expression in her singing. She is amazing, I just fell in love.

  • D' xclusiv
    D' xclusiv Dzień temu

    She's just more that a talent, she's a star already. Love to see more of her in future.

  • Donna B
    Donna B 11 dni temu +25

    What an amazing gift this girl has. She had me smiling all the time she sang. How proud must these parents be ❤️❤️❤️

  • Oscar Koech
    Oscar Koech 5 dni temu +11

    she is the right person to brought back 80s and 90s songs .absolutely gorgeous

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 5 dni temu +3

    J.H absolutely love this woman,love her powerful voice,I miss her singing with Tom Jones,they just bounce off each other. And Kennedy going to follow in J.D foot steps.

  • Dougal Short
    Dougal Short 12 dni temu +32

    Admittedly, this might be the herb talking, but that kid has it ALL. Her voice is like silk.... more-so than Jennifer, and that's saying something. Just an excellent, all round artist and performer. Oh ya, she's 13!

    • Bradley
      Bradley 10 dni temu

      Mmmm...just a few puffs...and yes she sounds too perfect.

    • David Barrett
      David Barrett 10 dni temu +1

      I agree. But then again.. maybe it's the herb for me too.

  • N.H.W alias Nicki
    N.H.W alias Nicki 11 dni temu +12

    She is like the mini of Jennifer Hudson 🥰 so cute and great Voice ❤️

  • Oropendola Strada
    Oropendola Strada 11 dni temu +15

    She has a wonderful voice, she is a good dancer, she is pretty, she is and have everything a star needs!

  • Brian Hardaway
    Brian Hardaway 3 dni temu +1

    This is a Gift from the Heavens. God KNEW that We were missing Angels and sent Kennedy. She’s so Mature and with Jennifer and other Positive, Talented Folks, she will be Unstoppable.

  • MistieBlue
    MistieBlue 5 godzin temu

    She is absolutely a pure talented young girl!
    Would like to see Prince with her on stage!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜
    She is strong and passionate!
    Hope her futur will shine ✨ everywhere! She is an Angel!

  • Norma Iturburu
    Norma Iturburu 3 dni temu +1

    Nació una estrella!! Qué la vida le permita ser feliz y nos regalé por siempre su voz!

  • Cuca Silvia vianasfp@gmail.com

    Caramba essa moça é demais...Canta muito

  • Estudio Razetti & Asoc.

    This girl is a superstar. Congratulation from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Jonas Wolf
    Jonas Wolf 8 dni temu +2

    She is amazing!!! Can't stop listening to her

  • Charity Daniel
    Charity Daniel 11 dni temu +9

    What a resembulance . Wow, look so much like Jennifer Hudson . Her voice is amazing.

  • Andrerw Lamont
    Andrerw Lamont 13 dni temu +12

    We will hear this lady for many years to come such a lovely voice and humble young lady

  • Bas van den Eijkhof
    Bas van den Eijkhof 7 dni temu +4

    05:50 will go down as one of the most iconic moments in The Voice globally for many years to come. Just.UNREAL.

  • großkran fan
    großkran fan 11 dni temu +8

    Awesome! She's a ready-made singer. Should have won that thing.

  • Chuck Helson
    Chuck Helson 12 dni temu +15

    Wow !!
    What a full and beautiful voice… and remember, she’s only 13.
    There’s performers that don’t reach what she has until their mid twenties or thirties.
    I hope she wins it all. She deserves it.
    One of the most pleasant voices to listen to.

  • Anthony Garfield
    Anthony Garfield 12 dni temu +7

    Wow what a voice and never mind which planet did she come from,,,,what planet have I been on to miss such a talented young woman,,can't wait to hear more,,,,she's definitely a gift from the ANGELS ❤️😇 😇 ❤️ 😇 😇 ❤️

  • azAP
    azAP 10 dni temu +9

    She is a whole package as a person.She is one in a million!

  • CE Valdez
    CE Valdez 13 dni temu +16

    Wow! She made me cry with deep emotion. Amazing. She is such a gifted lady! All my blessings!

  • Kasia Zawartko
    Kasia Zawartko 5 dni temu +3

    She reminds me of those 90s divas! Absolutely mindblowing talent and I love her personality too!

  • Mary Mcbay
    Mary Mcbay 9 dni temu +7

    She's a younger version of Whitney, her performances are always flawless.... amazing!

  • Jack Mati
    Jack Mati 13 dni temu +10

    Omg, crystal voice, very clear Every time she delivered the lines...

  • Nique Ness
    Nique Ness 7 godzin temu

    One of my favorite auditions. Probably my fave actually and her runs are chef's kiss.

  • Jesutofunmi Olanrewaju
    Jesutofunmi Olanrewaju 13 dni temu +9

    The combination of her voice and expression is superb

  • Jonathan H2O
    Jonathan H2O 13 dni temu +16

    Her VOICE has a distinct piercing RING to it!
    Her FACE is VIBRANT.

  • Moni Ka
    Moni Ka 5 dni temu +2

    WHAT! A! VOICE! I got goosebumbs at every performance!!!

  • Lin Monash
    Lin Monash 11 dni temu +9

    Hey there Whitney! Actually... Correct me if wrong... but I don't think even Whitney could sing as flawlessly as that at 13. She's amazing. Also, why waste her & everyone else's time. Offer her a contract now! She's already a Star. 😍👍

  • professor white
    professor white 13 dni temu +6

    Absolutely beautiful! Kennedy Holmes is one of those remarkable voice contestants who deserved more. ❤️

  • Kelli Reimer
    Kelli Reimer 8 dni temu +2

    Kennedy is everything and a bucket of awesomeness!!
    Just Wow!!
    Much love from BC Canada

  • Antoinette Fisher
    Antoinette Fisher 12 dni temu +8

    Your parents must be so proud of you. Your incredible up there.

  • Richard Laundon
    Richard Laundon 12 dni temu +5

    Such an amazingperformance for someone so young to be that in control of their voice and range. She reminds me a lot of Lauryn Hill who was gifted at a similar age through her teens.

  • Margaret Noel
    Margaret Noel 11 godzin temu

    Brilliant! what an amazing young singer. She reminds me of Whitney Huston.

  • debora budel
    debora budel 7 dni temu +3

    I would recommend the producers of Withney Houston to let her sing one of the songs of her. She still lives♥️

  • dancerbranka
    dancerbranka 10 dni temu +3

    This girl out of this world! Singer, dancer, sports😱.. I adore Megain's songs and this cover of "Me too" was just spot on - amazing! 🤩 I wish her all the best! 💗

  • Yasmin Thorpe
    Yasmin Thorpe Dzień temu

    This young lady is so talented

  • Cornelia Ann Shirley Lubin

    Absolutely blessed and inspiring voice and young lady 🙏 ❤ 💃🎤🎵🎼

  • narratot Gaming
    narratot Gaming 11 dni temu +2

    I'd love to see her on the stage again when she is fully trained.

  • Lincon Class
    Lincon Class Dzień temu

    Thank you God, for continuing Whitney Houston's legacy...thank you Whitney for your inspiration; thanks Jennifer Hudson for inspiring her too!!! I'm loving it all!!! Wishing you success when I already see it happening is redundant to say the least, lol, but may your journey be blessed, Kennedy Holmes!! 🤩😍❤

  • Yanini Rivera
    Yanini Rivera 4 dni temu +1

    Kennedy Holmes es extraordinaria!!

  • alis concha
    alis concha 13 dni temu +6

    She was a AMAZING voice!!!! She was born a Superstar!!!

  • Ana Fátima De Castro
    Ana Fátima De Castro 13 dni temu +8

    Talento por excelência! Sem palavras! Maravilhoso.

  • Johanne Saïd
    Johanne Saïd 9 dni temu +2

    Get that girl a pro vocal coach, and she will be unstoppable. You can hear in her voice that she have it, the seeds, just like those great divas, Whitney & Mariah.

  • Tassyo Brito
    Tassyo Brito 10 dni temu +6

    Que voz, uma apresentação melhor do que a outra.

  • Eve Wright
    Eve Wright 12 dni temu +5

    You are going places young lady, wish you all your heart is yearning for and more. Stay safe on your journeys and all the very best young lady. Cheers from Australia 👍🌹🐨

  • carlo gieljoumie
    carlo gieljoumie 13 dni temu +10

    Absolutely amazing 👏 a mature seasoned voice at 13

  • elna burger le roux
    elna burger le roux 13 dni temu +10

    She is beautiful, talented, gifted and her voice is só good! Beautiful personality as well! Wow!!!

  • Thorsten H.
    Thorsten H. 10 dni temu +5

    She is a GODDESS .. she has a angelic voice and looks so incredibly beautiful..she has the perfect groove.

  • Nikola Kovacevic
    Nikola Kovacevic 12 dni temu +5

    Born to be great! She's Definitely here for a reason.. hope she'll continue to explore and work on here extraordinary talent!❤️

  • Sorin Adam
    Sorin Adam 13 dni temu +5

    My favorite song / Greatest Love of All” by George Benson. Her voice is so special and unique for her age... In this song, she looks strikingly like Whitney Houston ... even her voice! Wow! I love her.

  • Joanna Burn
    Joanna Burn 9 dni temu +1

    I think we have a winner! Truly gifted at such a young age.

  • loveman1703
    loveman1703 13 dni temu +17

    I can't believe that she's 13 years old! She looks like 20 to 25...

    • David Walker
      David Walker 11 dni temu

      Chris Hansen would like a word with you

  • Tamimia Nuhu
    Tamimia Nuhu 13 dni temu +4

    She has the gift, she knows the job!
    My guess is, she didn't win because of song choices

  • Cremilda Baros
    Cremilda Baros 8 dni temu +2

    Maravilhosa!uma estrela completa mesmo com 13 anos.👏👏👏

  • theslopchop
    theslopchop Dzień temu

    Unbelievable what a voice 😍

  • Amanda Waring-Flood
    Amanda Waring-Flood 11 dni temu +5

    She is Incredible, for being only 13 years old. She has a Old Soul. 🏆😘💙🏆🌟👍👌🎉🥇

  • nola wilson
    nola wilson 7 dni temu +1

    the greatest love was glorious ...so was she x

  • Deise Silva Cantarelli
    Deise Silva Cantarelli 13 dni temu +7

    NASCE UMA DIVA 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Cuca Silvia vianasfp@gmail.com

    Maravilhosa essa menina 👏👏👏

  • azAP
    azAP 10 dni temu +1

    What I like with these coaches,they are cool and funny!They are special!

  • Sofi Vigo
    Sofi Vigo 13 dni temu +9

    I bet she can acts as well. Kennedy is already a start; she won this great experience in the Voice. I wish her the best in her future

  • Jessica
    Jessica 11 dni temu +2

    Meu Deussssssssss! Fenômeno 🥰🥰🥰

  • nola wilson
    nola wilson 7 dni temu +1

    her mum and dad must weep every time she walks on that stage ...she is heaven sent ...I wish her every happiness throughout her life ...x from Queensland

  • Wandaria Newton
    Wandaria Newton 16 godzin temu

    13, years old. With a voice like that OMG.

    ROSALINA DAASCH 3 dni temu


  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee 9 dni temu

    I love her voice...has great future...

  • mark geering
    mark geering 13 dni temu +4

    WTF her voice and stage presence is insane 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Fredy James
    Fredy James 13 dni temu +2

    En mis 57 años solo he visto dos artistas con su manager que tengan tal compenetración y voz, Caliope y Goyo y esta excelente presentación.

  • Etido Effiong
    Etido Effiong 19 godzin temu

    Her Confidence is immeasurable... Damn!!!

  • Rentner
    Rentner 11 dni temu +1

    What an amazing young lady.

  • Bennie Spreeth
    Bennie Spreeth 10 dni temu +3

    WOW, how can you even pick a fav, at 13 so much voice, so much oomph. MIND BLOOWING. doesn't matter what she sings . Just WOW goose bumps in every song she sang. Good Luck Girl, May GOD's Blessings follow you everywhere you go!!! WOW you must really remind yourself , she is still a child and only 13 , WOW

  • Loyiso Hlophe
    Loyiso Hlophe 5 dni temu +1

    What a great talent

  • Seit Eraliyev
    Seit Eraliyev 13 dni temu +3

    Just perfection. It is really incredible

  • Antoinette Fisher
    Antoinette Fisher 12 dni temu +1

    Beautiful voice.

  • Gladys Malete
    Gladys Malete 8 dni temu +1


  • Manoel Monteiro
    Manoel Monteiro 13 dni temu +2

    Olá minha linda ❤️ como você canta bem e mesmo uma verdadeira deusa. Deus te abençoe sempre fofa 🙏😘 você é maravilhosa

  • IhoidNaher
    IhoidNaher 13 dni temu +3

    Ohhh my god what a talent!
    She is amazing

  • Carlos Alberto Leguizamon

    Muy buena esta chica con una vos única un timbre de vos con mucha dulzura lo mejor para tu vida y tu carrera con muchos Gramis a full

  • Dmitrij Novikov
    Dmitrij Novikov 10 dni temu

    She's ready a Legend❤

    LUCIA ROMERO 12 dni temu +1

    She is great. Love her

  • Daniielmm
    Daniielmm 13 dni temu +14

    she will be forever in my heart

  • Denise Prendergast
    Denise Prendergast 3 dni temu

    Wooonderful talent hope she been having a great career in whatever she chooses
    .her parents is very amazed by her and we are too. Versatile talented girl and the world is your please conquer it.💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃💃🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏

  • Christian Quintana
    Christian Quintana 13 dni temu +2

    Ella no tiene competencia woooooow!

  • Michael
    Michael 13 dni temu +26

    She looks so much older than 13...

    • Zuleyha Suluki
      Zuleyha Suluki 9 dni temu

      Maybe that's because she sings all the big songs and she has an adult voice

    • David Walker
      David Walker 11 dni temu

      Chris Hansen would like a word with you.

    • Mason Tee
      Mason Tee 12 dni temu +2

      trust me she will look the same even when she is 33 years old.

  • Bruno G.
    Bruno G. 10 dni temu

    WOW! WOW! WOW! What a beautiful voice.

  • Christian Quintana
    Christian Quintana 13 dni temu +1

    La competencia acabó cuando ella se presentó 👏👏👏

  • margarita lopez rojas
    margarita lopez rojas 10 dni temu


  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez 13 dni temu +5

    Looking for more of her 👍❤️
    Home takes the cake !

  • Carman Jackson
    Carman Jackson 3 dni temu

    God grace is upon her ,she is a full package thank God for her parents well done

  • Smart Hustlers Club
    Smart Hustlers Club 10 dni temu

    I never taught I would use 40m to watch music performance, she is like done deal, voice, vocal and control all 💯

  • mark geering
    mark geering 13 dni temu +1

    DAMN what a voice 😳😳